Men’s Two Trouser Suit

A Men’s Two Trouser Suit is the answer to all your sartorial problems and will give your suit longevity.

Over the summer months your Jacket tends to spend most of the time on a hanger and you end up wearing out your suit trousers. Our two-trouser Suits give you the opportunity to alternate your trousers weekly, so if you are quite hard wearing on your suit, having the two pairs of trousers will extend the life of your suit .

Just remember, when it’s time to dry clean, send all three garments together to ensure the colours stay the same.

H+Co suits are made from premium quality fabrics, like merino wool and imported European wools for a long-wearing, timeless style.

With our 6 stylish brands, we are sure to have your fit covered, and if you’re feeling like taking your sartorial style to the next level, try our bespoke tailoring service, where we can make a custom made suit that is yours and only yours.