OK, this may be a gross generalisation, but when it comes to wedding suits for men, we’re pretty sure we know who’s leading the charge.
Ladies, this section is for you – we know you’re doing a brilliant job of organising every finite detail of your wedding day – and probably taking it all on yourself to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.
At least let us help you with the sartorial part of the business – we’re pretty good at that!
We completely understand the task at hand – you have to dress your handsome groom, as well as the whole male contingent of the wedding party in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – and they all need to look dapper and stylish. No mean feat.
Luckily, we’re naturals at this.
Alternatively, you can opt for our fully customised wedding suits for men, using our made-to-measure service, choosing from hundreds of fabrics, shapes and cuts, linings, buttons and stitching details – you can even have every suit embroidered with individual monograms to make each one really personal.


First, we recommend making an appointment just for you as a couple, so you can share with us your vision and styling ideas for your wedding.

Working with your style and colour themes, we will guide you through our collections of suits and fabrics and help you create a short list of suits you’d like to work with to compliment your wedding style. Please feel free share with us anything that will help shape our discussion, such as colours, fabrics, pictures of your venue, flowers etc.

From there, we’ll book a fitting appointment, when we will take all of your measurements, and make notes of your favoured fabrics, colours and shapes.

You can book an individual appointment or a group appointment for you and your groomsmen and we’ll get the wedding party started with Champagne and a few beers.

We will devote as much time as you need to make sure we get every detail just right.

You can choose to select from our ready-to-wear collections or craft your own fully customised tailor-made suits – or a combination of the two.

Some couples opt for tailor-made for the groom and team with ready-to-wear styles for their groomsmen.


If you make a selection from our ready-to-wear collection, we will fit each suit individually and prepare for tailored alterations where required. A second fitting will be arranged for approximately 2 weeks’ time. If any further alterations are required, a final fitting will be arranged for between 1 and 2 weeks’ time, depending on the number of alterations.


If you make a selection from our made-to-measure collection, all blueprints will be passed to our tailors to complete your order, which will be crafted to your exact measurements and specifications. A second fitting will be arranged for approximately 6n weeks’ time. We find most suits fit perfectly at this stage, but If any fine tuning is required, a final fitting will be arranged for between 1 and 2 weeks’ time, depending on the number of alterations.

Step Right in – Make Your Appointment
Your road to the perfect wedding suit starts here.

Simply call +61 2 8318 2222 to book your appointment,
or email us at and we’ll call you right back.


here is no charge for your appointment - or final fitting. You can get an idea of prices for our ready-to-wear collection by viewing our ranges online.
Our made-to-measure suits start from as little as $990.


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