Your ultimate men’s style guide for trans-seasonal weather

Your ultimate men’s style guide for trans-seasonal weather

Our men’s style guide to dressing for those tricky in-between seasons. In Australia, we can often experience four seasons in one day. It’s cold one day and hot the next, and the weather in the morning is different to the afternoon, then by the evening it’s different again. What’s a guy to do?

Check out our men’s style guide below to beat the fickle weather:

Layering is your best friend

Lesson one in the men’s style guide is learn to layer, so you won’t need to worry about getting too hot or too cold. For casual wear, lightweight hoodies and anoraks are good for this. Or for more formal situations, light jackets made of linen blends like this are perfect. Also, while I’m sure you can’t imagine sweating it out in a leather jacket in the middle of summer, a leather jacket is the perfect item that can be worn from autumn to spring. It is versatile and can easily be layered over other shirts and jackets. It also adds instant warmth and is easy to clean and care for.

Accessories for days

In the same way as layering, accessories can play a key role in keeping you warm, but you have the ability to take layers off if you like. A big scarf is great for this, or a vest underneath a jacket. Beanies are good for casual days, as long as you’re not “that” guy still wearing a beanie on a 40-degree day. Without sounding like your mother, covering your feet is a really easy way to keep warm. Ensure you are wearing closed-toe shoes or a beanie and you will be fine but don’t wear heavy socks or you will get too hot.

Men's style guide for transeasonal weather


Any good mens’s style guide will tell you that you should be wearing breathable fabrics, as you need the warmth, but you might get hot quickly when not sitting still. Organic cottons, linens and silks allow for your body to breathe. Cotton chinos like this are perfect, as they are lightweight and if you cuff the ankles they are a little cooler when it starts to warm up. Make sure you are wearing cotton, or cotton blend shirts like these, now 50% off. Cheaper shirts made of polyester won’t allow your skin to breathe and you won’t get a chance to cool off.

There’s a fine line between jumpers and knits

Jumpers are often made of cotton/wool blends and can be bulky and heavy. Lightweight knits are usually thin cotton, or a cotton/linen blend and can easily be thrown over anything then tossed in your bag without taking up too much space.

Use your head

In the end, common sense should prevail. If you are wearing shorts at the end of winter, make sure you have a jumper with you. Or if you don’t want to lug a jacket around, wear jeans. It’s not rocket science and just remember to consider layers and fabrics.

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