At H+CO, we support same sex marriages wholeheartedly and we’ve been delighted to offer couples tailor made wedding suits ever since the Australian government was kind enough to allow us to join the 21st century.

If you’re looking for a friendly place with a friendly face to get your same sex wedding groove on, you have found it right here.

So someone popped the question and someone said “yes”. Yay! Congratulations, by the way.

Now, what are you going to wear?

Let’s start with the ladies. Because, as always, you have so many more options than us guys.

You might both want to wear stunning gowns – and we’re sure you’ll look absolutely gorgeous, but sadly we can’t help you with that look, so we’ll have to skip right over it.

But one or both of you might want to wear a suit, which is right up our alley. In fact we are one of only two tailors in the whole of Sydney offering tailor-made suits for women.


So what looks can you go for? The world’s your oyster with tailor-made, which you can customise to your heart’s desire, but here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Go for a sharp, tailored man-suit style – two or three piece, with shirt and tie. You can add your own touch of personal style with a wide variety of linings and trims etc. and we know you ladies tend to be much more adventurous than the guys, so we can’t wait to see what combos you come up with.

Do the whole tux lux thing – either with full dress shirt and bow tie, with a lace camisole under, or even nothing at all.

Or here’s an idea – how about mixing things up with a tuxedo jacket and full tulle bridal skirt for a look that will really make your guests gasp in awe and admiration? Try as we might we couldn’t find a pic to demonstrate that look, but if you’re feeling experimental, why not give it a go – then share your pics with us J .

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Change things up with a skirt option and jacket with softer lines. In fact you can always add a skirt to your trouser suit as an optional extra to extend the wear of your suit far beyond your wedding day.

Ivory or white always looks amazing for wedding tailoring. Keep it smart and snappy or mix in some more feminine items. We love this ivory suit with stunning veil for a spectacular bride’s outfit.

Image credits : Pinterest

For beach or country weddings choose a relaxed fit in linen or cotton to keep things cool and understated. For summer weddings, we love these natural tones of beige, silver grey and soft blue.

Whatever you decide, the devil, as they say, is in the detail. Come work with us to create some magic and we’ll craft you a distinctively dapper slice of sartorial heaven that will make your feel like a million dollars.

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OK Boys, your turn!

The first thing to decide is whether you are going to match, coordinate or contrast.

There’s no right or wrong – it’s all down to personal taste.

Matching has its advantages – the whole wedding is going to look super-smart and slick, but if you choose this route there are some things to be aware of. If you are wearing exactly the same suit, it’s going to look good only if you are roughly the same size and shape. You really need to choose something that is supremely elegant and stylish and opt for a few small details of variation so you’re not totally matchy-matchy. What makes this look really work is somewhat indefinable – some couples pull it off effortlessly and it’s a real delight to see. But be very careful with your selections to avoid looking like a 1970s TV comedy duo or a pair of game show hosts.

Subtlety and understatement is the key.

If you are going to match, tuxing it up could be the easiest answer (unless you’re going for a beach vibe like the boys below – you can’t help but get it right with relaxed white style). Everyone looks incredible in a well-tailored snappy tux, so if in doubt you won’t go far wrong with our dandy friend.

Image credits : Pinterest

Coordinating is quite an art in itself. What makes this look work is pulling together a pair of suits, or sports jackets and pants, with shirts and ties in colours, textures and fabrics that blend harmoniously with slim highlights of colour that complete the picture.

Play around with patterns, introducing florals, mini prints, checks, stripes and weaves. Chose a single colour theme and go tone on tone – or mix in a neutral shade that underpins both outfits.

This look is perfect for accommodating differing body shapes, and hair and skin tones and ensures both of your best features are enhanced to perfection.

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If coordinating is an art, then contrasting is an absolute fine art and will need all of your style prowess to pull off. Getting this look right is such a fine line. Try too hard and it will look contrived or god-forbid, downright comical. Don’t try hard enough and you’ll end up looking like a couple of random guests that stumbled upon a wedding.

If you have a strong sense of style, you both look amazing in everything you wear, or you have a talented tailor to help you with this look, go for your life. If you don’t feel so confident, our advice would be to leave it alone.

Whether matching, coordinating or contrasting, the venue you have chosen will help dictate a style, depending on how formal or casual the location is. Generally, beach and country weddings tend to be a little more on the casual side. Beach weddings cry out for light colours and light natural fabrics with softer lines and a more relaxed fit, where a formal venue or swanky city hotspot demands a more slick wedding style.

That said, if you want to go the whole James Bond style hog at the beach, knock yourselves out – who are we to argue?

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Attendant Dressing

Ladies and Gents, whatever look you decide to go for, you will also need to consider what your honour attendants are going to wear, and how that is going to blend into the mix.

Bridesmaids in gowns, regrettably is way out of our field of expertise, but a team of bridesmen, groomsmen, bridesmaids in suits – any kind of wedding party outfit that involves tailoring, we’ve got it covered.

The beauty of working with H+CO to create your wedding style is that we take the headache out of organising all the appointments and fittings with all of your attendants on your behalf – we even have a tried and tested system for accommodating wedding party members living interstate or overseas.

At our initial consultation, we will work with you to craft your wedding style for you as a couple, and to create a complementary look for your honour attendants. Then you can just hand over their contact details and leave it to us – or we can arrange a group fitting after hours and make a bit of a party of it.

This is heaps of fun, as everyone gets to relax over a few beers and some bubbly while we get the whole party measured and fitted. From there, we’ll follow up with all parties for final fittings while you get on with the more important business of planning the rest of your wedding.

It can be quite a challenge to fit the wide variety of shapes and sizes invariably required in any wedding party, while making sure everyone looks dapper and stylish. Luckily, we’re naturals at this. Our complete range of tailor made wedding suits for men and women offers a plethora of styles, shapes and cuts in hundreds of fabrics, fully customised with trims, linings, buttons and stitching detail. If you want to take it a step further, you can also have each suit embroidered with unique monograms or first names to make them truly special.

Step Right in – Make Your Appointment

Your road to the perfect custom wedding suit begins with the click of a button – you can book online, or give us a call and we’ll make the booking for you.

During our 45-minute appointment, we’ll take measurements for your personal sartorial journal.

Relax and take the time to create your profile over coffee, or something stronger if you like. Once your profile has been drafted, the blueprint is passed to one of our expert tailors, and will be ready for your final fitting in around 6 week’s time, though for weddings, we always advise giving us a little longer, especially for sizable wedding parties.

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