Your guide to mid-season styling

Your guide to mid-season styling


After enduring the coldest winter in 26 years, it’s finally spring. Everywhere around the nation, men have been relieved of winter wood chopping duties and not longer have to sit through pee wee soccer in sub-zero temperatures.

As the season changes, so should your wardrobe. Although the coldest days of the year are (thankfully) behind us, Mother Nature can still throw the occasional curve ball. This unpredictable season thus calls for dreaded mid-season dressing. We’re here to guide you through the process of layering so you don’t end up looking like the Michelin man, or stripping off like you’re the entertainment for a hen’s night.

The essentials

A temperate time of year, Spring challenges men of the world to find that miracle outfit that keeps you warm in the morning and comfortably cool during the day.  Although there’s no easy solution to this problem, you can minimise distress (and sweat) by owning a few Spring essentials.

  1. Long sleeve cotton shirt

A wardrobe must for any gent, a long sleeve cotton shirt can be any size, style or fit you please. As long as it’s made for a mid-weight cotton that will regulate your body temperature, it’s up to whether you go for a slim fit or a regular silhouette, bells or no bells.

  1. Cotton jumper

We love our cotton don’t we? Although we keep harping on about the regulating properties of cotton, this miracle fibre is your best friend year-round. A long sleeve cotton jumper will be your go-to for those cooler days. It can easily be tied around your shoulders as the day warms up, adding a preppy touch to your style, or tied around your waist for a laid back look.

  1. Low line boots

You’re not enduring (what feels like) arctic temperatures anymore, so pack away those heavy duty leather boots and opt for something a little lighter. We like low-cut suede boots with a classic almond toe. Perfect for work, the weekend and everything in between, they lack the heaviness of winter shoes.

  1. Cotton chinos

The star of every mid-season wardrobe, chinos are a nice alternative to wool trousers. Choose a tapered fit that that can be worn at work as well as Friday nights.


Dressing for mid-season feels like your challenging Mother Nature in a game of Russian Roulette. They key to winning this battle is layering. With a million different clothing combinations to try, it can be a little overwhelming. We’re here to gently guide you through the process and ensure you walk away from the roulette table with an armful of chips.


You wake up, it’s cold. You run to the train, it’s hot. Work lunch, it’s hotter. Then finally on the commute home, your wishing you never left you coat at the office. What to do? What to wear? Start with a long-sleeve cotton shirt, then a cotton jumper, and finish it off with a suit jacket. Even if the suit jacket and/or jumper is removed, you will still look sharp and professional.

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You’ve got as far as your favourite Sunday jeans, now you stuck as what to wear on top because the weather has changed five times since you’ve been awake. In this case, opt for a never-fail cotton tee, worn underneath a chambray shirt with a lightweight hoodie or anorak. The shirt/hoodie combo looks edgy when worn together, with the white tee as a fresh base.

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Day to night

How to find an outfit that screams “professional” from 9-5, and “party animal” at by 10pm? When it comes to solving this style dilemma, we suggest taking out your trusty pair of tapered chinos for instant polish, pairing them with a patterned shirt and blazer. We’re not talking Dr Karl inspired patterns (you won’t secure that business deal in a shirt patterned with outlandish clocks), so opt for mini-geometric patterns or a classic fine stripe. This will ensure you still have a point of interest to your outfit even if the blazer comes off.

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You can find everything you need to see you through the mid-season here!

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