Winter is here: What to wear to a winter wedding

Winter is here: What to wear to a winter wedding

Jon Snow is right. Winter is well and truly here. When we think of weddings, sunny days come to mind. We envision celebrating outside, perhaps in a park or on a beach. But what happens when you get invited to a winter wedding and you could think of nothing better than curling up for a Netflix session? Make sure you know how to dress for success in the cold with these tips.

Check your invite, genius

First things first: check your invitation. The invitation should include a dress code, which will indicate how formal the event is. If it doesn’t, check the location. This should give you clues as to how formal it will be. If the wedding is outside such as on a beach or in a park, it will usually be more casual. Venues can vary in formality. If you’re still unsure, check their website.

The outfit

Always remember, you don’t want to distract from the groom. Keep it simple but classic. For winter, heavier fabrics like tweed or velvet will keep you warmer. Tweed was once seen as more casual but now can be worn to formal events (dressed up with a formal tie). It is perfect for a rustic setting like a farm or park. A classic slim fit wool blend is probably your easiest option. One like this is perfect for a winter wedding.



Colour me right

Black, dark blue or charcoal are generally always suitable for weddings. You might feel underdressed in a brown suit- it’s best to keep these for work or other events, unless perhaps the wedding is more casual or in a rustic setting. If you are going to a more formal wedding, something with sateen lapels like this would be perfect, complete with bow tie.

The finer details

Now is not the time for a loud tie. Try a plain silk skinny tie or just one with a satin shine like this for more formal weddings. If you have a nice watch, don’t wear it unless the band goes with your suit.

Oh, and we know weddings can drag on through the night but you can still have fun without ruining your suit!

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