Why custom made suits are always better ready to wear

Why custom made suits are always better ready to wear

For a lot of men, the idea of custom-made suits is thought to be unattainable; a luxury meant for only high level executives and CEO’s. This is a huge misconception. Custom made suits are not necessarily out of your price range, and the value and quality that they bring outstrips the wear you would get out of a lower range, ready-to-wear suit at half the price. Your made to measure suit will pay for itself in no time. Here’s why:

<h2>Creating custom made suits is easy</h2>

Many men are surprised at just how easy it can be to buy custom made suits. The act of actually getting a suit customised and created just for you sounds like it would take forever. It’s true that it can take a little time for the suit to be made for you from scratch. But think of the time saved that you would have spent traipsing around looking for a suit on the weekend, or scrolling through styles online. Instead, you just go to one or two appointments, get fitted, and then wait for the suit to come in. Plus, it’s even easier if you already have an idea of the fabrics and styles that you want.

Quality over quantity

There are obviously some beautiful ready to wear suits out there – we have many in our showroom. But these suits are created with a particular cut or pattern, depending on the brand. Custom-made suits are made specifically for your measurements to fit you, and you only to perfection. Additionally, they have a level of detail that simply can’t be matched by off the peg suits, such as personally selected linings, stitching colours, buttons and trims – every your personal monogram embroidered on the inside pocket. Every man’s body is different, and good custom-made suits will contour perfectly to the shape of your body, working with your best features, and hiding any flaws that are less than perfect.


You can get really creative with your custom, made-to-measure suit – keep it sober on the outside, with a dazzling lining to reflect your personality, or go for something more adventurous on the main fabric. If you’ve seen a suit you want to replicate, you can bring in a picture and we can match the styling and fabrics. That’s the beauty of made to measure.

Book a made-to-measure appointment today here and reap the benefits of a custom made suit that fits like a glove.


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