Where do you go for men’s fashion tips?

Where do you go for men’s fashion tips?


From your mobile screen to the street scene, here are H’s recommendations for where to look for men’s style inspiration.


When you’re in the business of making men look good, luckily inspiration is everywhere. Here are five places I regularly draw on to stay up to date and to keep you looking smart when you walk out of my shop.

The mag

You can find a lot of great men’s mags at the newsagent, but the one I look to most often – the one that most aligns with my way of thinking and dressing – is Men’s Style. When you need a page-turner for your morning train or bus ride, pick up the latest issue each season to see not only what to wear but how to wear it. Unlike some other fashion titles, whose looks are stunning but ultimately unattainable, what Men’s Style promises is ambitious but still achievable. Everyday blokes can actually pull off the looks you’ll find within the features and photo shoots.

The channel

As fashion mags go, I like GQ – it’s got a massive and impressive following – but I also think it can be a bit intimidating and impractical for the day-to-day guy. I do, however, follow GQ on Instagram. The GQ Instagram feed is full of fun and fashion, from the trendiest new accessories to the latest styles and coolest classics. Whether you want to emulate your next-door neighbour or Ryan Gosling or you want to establish a style all your own, you’ll find great ideas here.

Indeed, for men, Instagram can be an endless source of both inspiration and aspiration.

The blogs

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, I want the words, too. That’s when I visit such blogs as Philippe Perzi and D’Marge. Philippe Perzi is great for those guys for whom a suit is more than just a work uniform – it’s an essential and favourite wardrobe staple. The blog offers fashion advice and how-tos with wit and wisdom and highlights really well-made clothes (lots of shirts) and accessories.

D’Marge is great for some good old masculine fun, with categories that include style, grooming, gadgets (who among us doesn’t love the latest toys?), living, motors, travel, and the ever-important vices.

The shows

As has been true since its inception, TV is a huge influencer when it comes to fashion. For me, I take a lot of cues from television on how I stock and set up my shop. If you’re a telly watcher, it should come as no surprise that Suits and Mad Men (RIP) are at the top of my list of shows with style. Suits’ uber-lawyer Harvey Specter is always – always – dressed to the nines; if you wont’ listen to me, listen to Harvey:

Harvey Suits video

(Don’t worry if you’re more like the show’s Mike Ross – H+Co can help you, too. Let us be your Harvey.)

And Mad Men may be gone, but neither Don Draper nor his timeless classic suits or trendy-again casual clothes will soon be forgotten.

The street

Finally, I find suit racks full of inspiration simply by walking the streets of Sydney’s CBD during the working week. In some cases, I’ll see prime examples of how not to dress and what not to wear. But more often than not, Sydneysiders are a stylish lot, and it’s good to look past the pages and beyond the small screen – whatever your small screen of choice – to see what’s practical and what works in real life.

Where do you look for style tips and tricks?

Cheers for reading. H


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