What IS the H+Co philosophy?

What IS the H+Co philosophy?


With some exciting changes happening at H+Co in the coming months (stay tuned!), I thought it was a good time to reiterate the philosophy I uphold for the business. 


In a nutshell, the H+Co philosophy is this: to provide our trademark quintessential old-school customer service tailored to suit each and every individual customer. Among other things, this means guaranteeing a friendly, pressure-free shopping environment and experience, whether you’re shopping online or visiting us in our flagship shop on Hunter Street in Sydney.

How we do it

What quintessential old-school customer service means to us is that, first and foremost, the customer is paramount – and every customer is unique. And we’re here to help. We want to help. We like helping. To do that, for us it’s about getting to know you a bit – your style, your tastes, your sartorial concerns, what particularly you’re shopping for – and building on that rapport. We listen. We pay attention to the details.

Armed with some of this critical info from you, we can then share our expert knowledge and give you professional advice on how to dress to suit your needs – whether that means dressing for success at work, impressing that special someone in your life, feeling comfortable in clothes that suit your body type, having the right outfit for the right occasion – you get the picture.

And look, we get it, too. Most of you hate shopping. Many of you even have your partners/mums/sisters do it for you. You’re already time-poor, and there are countless other things you’d rather be doing than shopping for work clothes or for your buddy’s upcoming wedding. So it’s our goal to provide a smarter shopping experience – one that’s as convenient, easy, pleasant, and ultimately painless as we can for you (or whoever you’ve roped in to shopping on your behalf). We have the ultimate respect for your valuable time – and great appreciation that you’re spending some of it with us.

How we don’t do it

What you won’t find at H+Co are used-car-salesman tactics – we just don’t believe in the patronising, impersonal, pressure-filled hard sell. Our aim is to be the very opposite of this.

Satisfied customers

What’s more – and perhaps what’s most important – we’re passionate about wanting you (or whoever you’re shopping for) to look and feel great in the clothes you buy. To this end, we’ll help you find the perfect fit, provide high-quality products, and pay attention to every detail.

It’s no accident that there’s a plus sign in the H+Co logo. As I’ve said in the past, this symbol links me, the “H” in H+Co, with “Co” – my family, my colleagues, and you, my valued customers.

But it also symbolises our philosophy of exceeding customer expectations in all aspects of our business. In other words, shopping with H+Co is shopping – plus so much more.

Cheers for reading. H

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