“What wedding suit style?” might be your immediate reaction and OK, when it comes to straight weddings, the guys are usually under no illusion who’s in the driving seat in terms of the wedding style. (I do realise I’m stereotyping wildly here, and this is not always the case, but from experience, I think it’s safe to say that grooms (myself included) generally tend to go with the flow…

Your bride is probably up to her pretty eyes in pinterest boards, colour charts, fabric samples, venues and flowers – and she’ll have a pretty good idea of how she wants her handsome groom to look from the get go.

But come on guys, you need to throw yourselves into the process too and work with her to make sure you look amazing on your special day.

Show some interest in the early planning and get a good sense of her vision for your wedding style and start thinking about the look you’d like to achieve that compliments the theme.

Wedding suit style straight weddings at H+CO


Since the advent of marriage equality in Australia, we’ve been privileged to work with many couples to create their wedding suit style. It’s been an emotional journey for some and I’ve enjoyed every minute helping our couples –  in our small way – with their wedding vision.

For the guys, you can really have some fun working together on your suits – whether you decide to match your looks, contrast or go for some creative subtleties that really complement each other and fully reflect both your personalities.

Ladies, we’re truly sorry we can’t help you with any wedding gowns, but if tailoring is your thing, we’ve got you covered. With hundreds of premium fabrics to choose from, teamed with your choice of linings, stitching, buttons and trims, you can craft a stunning wedding suit with pants or a skirt and kit out your honour attendants too with complimentary colours. Of course, there are many retailers from which you can source women’s suits off the peg, but if you’d like to fully customise your look, H+CO is one of only two tailors in Sydney offering women’s made-to-measure tailoring. Apologies for the plug mid-blog, but it’s something we’re pretty proud of and rather good at :-).

Wedding suit style same sex weddings at H+CO


There are so many options to choose from these days, but once you’ve decided on a venue, that will usually dictate the style of your wedding.

For a church wedding or swanky venue, formal is the way to go – three piece suits always look super-stylish, tuxedos rarely miss the mark, and for a fashion twist, choose a sharp double-breasted look.

If you’re having a country wedding, a garden party or outdoor wedding, you can afford to be a little more relaxed. Select softer constructions and fabrics. Linen blends can work well, as can a really dapper sports jacket and smart pants.

For beach weddings, drop it down another gear. Again, linens and cottons are perfect. You might decide to lose the tie – and shoes for that matter, in favour of some stylish thongs.

These are broad brush guidelines and within each of these wedding styles, there are myriad variations and opportunities to stamp your own unique personalities on your looks. You may decide to ditch convention altogether and wear thongs to the church or kick up the surf in your tux. Ultimately, it’s your day and what you wear is completely up to you.

Spend some time together, looking at style mags, and scour the internet for cool wedding looks, then hit the shops and get a feel for what’s out there. Arrange a consultation with your tailor (hopefully, that would be me) and we can try out some shapes, styles, fabrics and fit options with you, from our ready-to-wear and custom tailoring collections. Going bespoke will obviously give you the most options, flexibility and opportunity for full personalisation.

We usually arrange an initial consultation for our couple, then once styles have been selected, we can either book individual fittings with your wedding party members – or organise a group appointment after hours, when we’ll crack open some Champagne and get everyone in a celebratory mood. (If you would like to book an evening appointment for your party, please call us directly on +61 2 9235 0701). We are frequently required to accommodate members of wedding parties that live interstate or overseas and we have a number of ways to manage this on your behalf.

How to choose your wedding suit style at H+CO


There are so many ingredients to creating the perfect wedding – and perfect means different things to different people.

You will have an idea of your overall budget, so it’s a good idea to set a limit for your wedding attire up front, which will help you make decisions along the way and work with your tailor to get the most from your budget.

You can find some good wedding deals, which will help to ease the outlay a little.

You might decide to choose off the peg for your honour attendants and go tailor-made for your own wedding suit to help distinguish you from the rest of the wedding party.

Suit costs obviously vary widely from chain stores at one end of the spectrum to designer and bespoke at the other.

As a guide, our own fine-quality, ready-to-wear suits, from Cambridge, Gibson, Joe Black and our exclusive H+CO Classic and Hunter Collections range from $599 to $849 for two-piece and from $799 to $1148 for three-piece.

You can take advantage of our $300 discount offer when buying three or more suits.

Men’s custom tailoring starts from as little as $990 and women’s custom tailoring from $795 – and we currently have an amazing deal, offering 50% off your second tailor-made suit, which should help keep that budget under control without compromising the quality and detail of your wedding suit style.

Check out our offers and wedding suit process here…


While we’re on the subject of creating a look that stands out among your attendants, there are a number of ways to achieve this – here are a few recent examples:

For Rob, we went for a full three-piece tailor-made suit with shirt and tie, while his attendants looked dapper, yet relaxed in smart blue sports coats with open necked shirts and chinos.

For James we chose a lighter, brighter blue than his groomsmen, with wider, peaked lapels and a bow tie that perfectly suited his personality. Deep red accessories tied in perfectly with the bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers.

For Alex, we simply added a vest to set him apart.

Colour is a great way to distinguish – you can select a lighter or darker shade of the same colour, or a contrast, or complimentary colour within your wedding palette. If you are going for a tuxedo wedding, why not dress your attendants in traditional black, while you opt for an on-trend navy tux with black trim?

If you decide to create your own fully customised tailor-made wedding suit, the sky’s the limit – you can get creative with linings and trims, etc. for an extra touch of sophistication and differentiation.

Differentiate your wedding suit style from your honour attendants at H+CO


For suiting, the lead times tend to be less than for wedding gowns, but it’s a good idea to at least select and order your suits. You can follow up with shirts and accessories later, though I would advise nailing the whole look up front, so you can relax and move on to planning the finer details of your wedding day.

If you are purchasing off the peg, remember to allow an extra one or two weeks for alterations and final fitting. If you’re buying multiples of the same suit, you may need to allow additional time for ordering in all the correct sizes, plus the inevitable fittings and alterations for each member of the wedding party.

For custom tailoring, you need to factor in a minimum of 7 weeks, but for a wedding I wouldn’t recommend cutting it that fine. 12 weeks will feel a lot more comfortable and considerably less stressful – again, if you have multiple tailor-made suits to organise, each member of your wedding party will be required to attend fittings at appropriate stages of the process. Again, this can be handled remotely if required, and a personal solution would be drafted to suit your particular situation.

Essentially, the earlier you plan, the better. Our reason for writing this blog right now is that right now is the best time to start, if you happen to be planning a Spring Wedding.

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