You hear so many people today dismissing Valentines Day as an over-commercialised frenzy of last-minute shopping and over-priced dining.

And yes, of course that’s all true, (though no more than any other prominent date on the calendar), but I wonder if that isn’t really a shield we guys hide behind because we’re not natural romantics and it lets us of the hook.

I’m pretty sure that many partners only go along with this notion to mask their disappointment at our lack of gallantry and romance. By openly communicating their distaste for the ‘special day’, it allows them to shrug off the lack of attention – and it lets us off the hook even further!

Ignoring the commercial aspects of Valentines Day, isn’t it nice just to have an excuse to celebrate your relationship and do something special?

I can almost hear the protests – “If you love someone, you shouldn’t only show it on Valentines Day, you should make every day special!” Yeah, yeah, yeah – the fact is we don’t, because everyday life gets in the way – and if that were the case, should we also ditch celebrating birthdays?


So come on guys – let’s get our head around this romance thing – it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but here are a few tips for a happy Valentine:

  • Don’t forget the card – it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be right. Don’t rush this because you’ve left it until the last minute – take some time to find the perfect image, verse etc. – something that actually means something to you both. Or even make a card, write a poem, get creative!
  • Plan a surprise. It doesn’t need to be an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, why not cook something at home, plan a picnic at the park or on the beach, go back to a place that is special to you.

If you do decide on a restaurant, make sure your partner at least knows the dress code – they really won’t appreciate being underdressed for the occasion.

  • If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, don’t make the mistake of assuming that these things don’t matter any more. They really do – so even if you have negated any Valentines activity in recent years, why not make a new start and do something out of character. I’m pretty sure it will make you feel good.
  • Buy a gift, however small – Valentines, doesn’t have to be about outlandish offerings, but a genuine, well-chosen heartfelt token will be appreciated much more.
  • You’d expect nothing less from me, I’m sure, but my final tip is this:

Make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion, what ever you choose to do. Seeing that you have taken time and made an effort with your appearance may well be the thing that impresses your partner the most. If you do go out to dinner, don’t just rock up in your work suit – turn on the style and make an impression. Even if you’re doing something at home, please resist the urge to throw on your PJs – invest in a little personal care and make yourself look irresistible.

<H2>Here’s a few killer looks for a successful Valentines Day date:</h2>

This Navy suit from Joe Black is super-sharp – stylish and understated, especially teamed with the white shirt and pocket square and navy tie.
If you’re dressing down, the jacket will look amazing with denim or white jeans and a t-shirt.
Single breasted 100% wool Joe Back suit.

Three is the magic number! Three pieces are hot right now, but so is the weather. The beauty of this suit is that you can leave off the jacket and still look the business.
Half-canvas construction, 100% wool, single-breasted suit with 6 button vest.

If you happen to be going all-out on a formal dinner or event, bring out the tux and you won’t go far wrong.
100% Australian Merino Wool Joe Black shawl collar Tuxedo with satin trim.

And here’s what I’ll be wearing…
Charcoal Joe Black suit with a Valentine’s red Gibson shirt and Sergio Alvargee Italian silk tie.
What do you think?

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