Going for total tailor-made style for your wedding is not as extravagant as you might think. Many of our grooms select from our ready –to-wear collections for their groomsmen and craft their own unique tailor-made style as a point of difference.

Both options work beautifully, but for a totally bespoke solution you can’t go wrong with tailor-made style. And with H+Co’s amazing wedding offer, it is infinitely affordable.

I know this is a blog and not a sales, pitch, but bare with me for just a moment while I illustrate how this deal works. When our grooms purchase one tailor-made suit, they get the second for half price. That means with a groom and three groomsmen, one of the four suits is effectively free of charge. Now there’s an incentive for creating a fully tailor-made style for your wedding.

OK, onto the more important and pleasurable task of reporting on Lauren and Pete’s stylish country wedding.

First, as always, we had an initial consultation with our couple. On this occasion, although they were very clear on the colours they wanted for the boys’ suits, they weren’t yet sure of the colour for the bridesmaid’s gown, so we held off making any decisions on accessories at this point.

tailor made style wedding at H+Co

After that, we set to work on the gents’ tailor-made style in an after-hours appointment with Pete and two of his groomsmen, Alex and Will over a few beers and a little Whiskey.

With three of the boys over 6ft tall, tailor-made style turned out to be a very smart choice. Ready to wear trousers are usually made with enough length to accommodate all but the very tallest of men, but it’s the jackets that are often a problem. With their tailor-made style choice, we were able to tailor longer jackets with longer sleeves and everything fitted beautifully.

The third groomsman, Chris lived overseas, so we conducted our well-practiced routine via phone and email, with the help of our trusty measuring guide.

To be on the safe side, we actually ordered two jackets for Chris’s final fitting to make sure it would be absolutely perfect, as he would arrive just 3 days before the wedding.

tailor made style wedding party at H+Co

With just one bridesmaid, Lauren decided to go elegantly tonal with a gorgeous beige drape dress that perfectly complimented her ivory lace bridal gown. Flowers were similarly soft tones of white and blush.

Pete’s tailor-made suit was crafted from a light blue Merino wool in a stylish slim-cut 2-button style and the groomsmen’s tailor-made style in light navy Merino wool worked like a dream.

We decided to team with subtle pale blue silk ties and crisp white shirts.

We think the whole wedding party looked just stunning.

Lauren and Pete, we were honored to be a part of your lovely wedding and guys, it was our great pleasure to dress you all for this special day. It was wonderful to meet you all.

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