Three failsafe layering combinations for autumn/winter

Three failsafe layering combinations for autumn/winter

If Katy Perry’s lyrics are anything to go by, you’ve been hot then cold (yes then no?) throughout the craziness that has been this year’s weather. We’ve compiled some failsafe layering combinations that will allow you to wear as much, or as little, clothing as you please and still look stylish.

Shirt + Jumper + Blazer

This combo is a relatively easy one as it literally requires you to throw on all your wardrobe staples and walk out the door. It means that you’ll look sharp (and a little preppy) at the office and can pare it down for after work drinks.

The key to nailing this combo is getting your colours right. Stick to neutrals and always ensure your blazer is darker than your jumper or shirt.

If you’re going to experiment with patterns, do so when it comes to layering your shirt- it’s a cool idea to have a patterned collar poking over the top of a neutral jumper.

Your shirt should be fitted so it’s no bulging at the arms, as should your jumper. Choose a fine wool knit as to maintain a sleek, streamlined look.


T-shirt + Overshirt + Jacket

An easy-peasy weekend combo that will take you from the pub to the club. This layering equation is particularly useful for dealing with four seasons in one day, ensuring you’ll never be too hot or too cold.

The basis of this combo is your staple white tee. Play around with the overshirt– mix it up with a plaid or chambray shirt but ensure it’s made from a finer cotton so it doesn’t get too bulky.

And for the final touch, the jacket. We recommend either a classic denim jacket, a modern bomber jacket or an anorak. This will depend on your overshirt choice, you wouldn’t want to be layering a chambray shirt with a denim jacket, NSYNC ruined that for all of us.


Shirt + Cardigan + Coat

This combo is one for the classic gentleman, a man of sophistication and style who perhaps feels the cold a little more than his peers.

Begin with a neutral coloured shirt, preferably in a lighter colour. Add a shawl cardigan, but one that isn’t too chunky, you still have another layer to go. Your cardigan should be a few tones darker than your shirt, so think about greys and taupes. Finally, add on the coat. If you’ve opted for a lighter layering combo, a camel coloured coat should do the trick. Darker charcoal based combination will before from a black coat or a black and grey marle.

A thin tie (in a deep maroon or navy) is the perfect way to finish this look.


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