This is what your casual winter wardrobe should look like

This is what your casual winter wardrobe should look like

Do you find yourself having longer, hotter showers? Seeking out the gas heaters in beer gardens? Wearing ugg boots more often than not? Winter is most definitely here and that means your wardrobe has to adapt to the cooler weather. Our casual winter wardrobe edit is a must-read for those looking to shed the layers and up their style game.

Denim jacket

A staple since before The Breakfast Club, denim jackets are the ultimate winter weekend attire. Chuck your denim jacket over a white tee, chinos and hiking boots for a weekend brewery tour and add a felt fedora to top it all off.

The beauty of denim jackets is their ability to be tailored to any temperature. If its looking icy outside, your jacket can be layered with a flanno or a charcoal coat for something more formal. They’re also a handy little piece to have for mid-season styling.


We love chinos like Kayne loves Kayne. They’re easy to wear, versatile and comfortable once you find the right fit. Play around with darker colours in winter, like olive green and navy. Be sure to buy a slim fit cut that is mostly cotton with a hint of elastane for that oh so comfortable stretch.

The styling possibilities are endless. From a black overcoat to your favourite cable knit jumper, chinos go with EVERYTHING. We challenge you to make them look ugly.


Sloppy Joe

The name says it all- the sloppy joe is most definitely made for casual weekend wear, although we recommend leaving your food stained, 7-year-old jumper that’s’ seen you through all 6 seasons of GOT at home.

Go for a sloppy joe that has an edge. Don’t be afraid to experiment patterned styles and jumpers that have bold prints. Be sure to buy a jumper made of pure cotton and amp it up with fleece lining.

These jumpers look great with any colour jeans and chinos, and can be finished with leather boots as well as lace up sneakers. For something a little smarter, wear a patterned shirt underneath and add a fedora to the mix.

Want that perfect winter style? Shop the look here.

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