Getting your wedding style right will set the tone for the whole day, so read on to make sure you avoid any sartorial stumbles.

These days,  a wedding can turn into a whole series of events, often spread out across one or two weeks, sometimes even across countries. They usually start with epic stag do’s, followed by pre-parties or rehearsal dinners, the wedding itself and then often even recovery BBQ’s or other post- wedding events. With so much happening, it’s hard to make sure you have remembered everything- least of all your manners – not to mention choosing the right suit! Check out our guide below for our guide to survive this wedding season and make your wedding style a great success.

We’ll keep you on the right wedding style track

Bring your etiquette A-Game

When you get a wedding invitation, don’t forget to respond! It’s likely that the bride and groom need to book (often expensive) venues weeks in advance and it will simply add to their stress if you don’t respond in time. Don’t just assume that you can bring a date if the invitation doesn’t specify it. Always ask your hosts first if you’re unsure.

Arrive on time, especially to the ceremony. Whatever you do, do NOT walk down the aisle behind the bride! If you do enter just behind her, wait until she reaches the front, enter quietly and seat yourself right at the back. At the reception, don’t mess with the seating plan. Often these are carefully orchestrated beforehand so that someone’s sister doesn’t sit with that guy she used to date, or so that someone can make sure grandma doesn’t eat her dentures. Changing things around is simply bad manners and could start a musical chairs situation where you will only end up looking like the bad guy.

The wedding gift

It’s understandable that you might not want to lug a gift to the actual wedding, and it is just another thing that the bride and groom need to worry about on the night. If not, it is customary to send a gift afterwards. Traditionally, you have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, but it’s becoming more common (and makes more sense) to gift soon after the wedding.

Wedding style – what to wear

For men, “black tie” will mean that you are wearing a tuxedo – usually with a black bow tie and cummerbund. This is not the time for a crazy tie.

For an invitation that says “formal,” you can still wear a tuxedo, a black formal suit or simply a dark suit like this, and a tie. Dark blue, grey or black is best for a formal wedding style.

For “semiformal” or “smart casual”, a suit and tie is still appropriate, but depending on the time of day and the season, it’s probably ok to wear light colours. If you’re unsure, charcoal or grey suits always work. This one is a great option.

For a “casual” wedding style, dress pants and a button up shirt is fine. Country and beach weddings can be more casual, but don’t always assume this- some beach weddings can still be formal. Blue pinstripe suits like this one are perfect for a country wedding. Even is it’s a beach wedding, remember to keep things tailored and wear linen or cotton which will be more breathable. For a more casual wedding, feel free to wear beige, brown, blue or tan, and you can even wear a linen sports jacket with contrasting dress pants.

Apply these basic principles, and then dress according to the season, location, and the time of day. Spring/summer daytime weddings will usually require lighter colours. Suits in hot weather should be cotton or linen blends, particularly if it’s a daytime affair. If the wedding will be a religious, wedding, the dress code may be more formal (remember not to wear sunglasses inside a church or other religious sites!). Evening weddings are generally more formal, and winter weddings usually mean darker, more sturdy fabrics like wool or wool blends.

For more tips, and to book a free wedding style consultation for you and your grooms party, see here.


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