The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide: essential tips to make dad’s day

The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide: essential tips to make dad’s day

This Father’s Day, think about all the things you’ve put your dad through. We can only speak for ourselves, but chances are that like ours’, your dad has done some downright heroic things for you (while we may or may not have been acting like little brats). Luckily for them, one poor dad once had a really rough day and invented Father’s Day * so that fathers everywhere can have at least one day in the year which is all about recognising the good things they do for us.

<h2>So, to reward your dad, check out our selection of Father’s Day gift ideas below:</h2>

A tie/handkerchiefs

For the budget conscious, a tie is the easiest gift to give. You don’t need to worry about the fit, and if you are worried about style, choose something simple. If he’s not the ostentatious type, go for something quite plain in a muted tone like lavender, blue, or dark blue, green, or black. These tend to blend quite well with most grey, blue or black suits. Handkerchiefs or pocket squares are also an easy gift for Father’s Day, and if in doubt, again go with a neutral colour palette.


Cufflinks are extremely versatile, and quality cufflinks can be worn time and time again before they get old. Cufflinks can also be engraved for a more personal touch. Engraving takes about 5 minutes depending on the size of the engraving, and is quite affordable.


A bag is the ultimate essential item for dads. An everyday shoulder bag (some would say “man bag”) is perfect, as some dads tend to wear a bag time and time again before realising that it’s actually falling to pieces. A travel bag is even better, as it’s hard to find a quality travel bag and it’s something that your dad might not think of until he is actually packing to go away. 

Portable phone charger

This is an affordable, handy Father’s Day present, as it allows you to charge your phone on the go. Chargers like this have multiple/split connector cables and are usually compatible with iPhones and most Android phones.


If your Dad is a practical man, he will always appreciate some good quality work shirts. Aim for breathable cotton or cotton blend shirts as they will be good for the coming warmer months. If you can, stalk his cupboards or ask another family member for his shirt size and opt for plain patterns and colours.

*May or may not be true.

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