We never thought we would say this, but vests are big news with the triumphant return of the three piece suit.

If you’ve been catching up with Suits or White Collar you might have spotted that the gentlemen are really upping their game when it comes to dressing for the occasion. Mixing up traditional tweeds and pinstripes isn’t the only thing we’ve noticed, everyone is wearing three piece suits to the office.

It’s a trend that just keeps on growing. We’ve seen Justin Timberlake wear a three piece suit at many events lately, and earlier in the year Ryan Gosling was pictured wearing a vest with his suits on several red carpets promoting his film La La Land.

Ryan Gosling in three piece suit


While we can’t all look like Ryan Gosling, we can all take part in this sartorial trend, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. We’ve recently seen an increase in bespoke fashion for men and women and if you’re going to invest in a made-to-measure suit, why wouldn’t you get a vest too?

The three piece suit as we know it in the modern world is a jacket and trousers with the addition of a vest, usually matching in the same style and fabric. Its history can be dated back to October 7th 1666, when Charles II announced that his court would no longer wear ‘French fashions’ instead favouring the Persian vest, which was a long vest worn under a knee length coat.

Luckily for us, the vest lost its length and got much shorter, so in the 1790’s it started to look more like the style we wear today.

The vest has had cycles of popularity. Despite being popular in the 80’s, they lost their charm in the 90’s when everyone starting to dress more casually, but now they are back with full force and we couldn’t be happier to see everyone jumping on board with this fashion statement.



The trick to wearing a three piece suit well is to get the perfect fit. Too small and the suit can create lines where we don’t want them – too big and it will swamp your frame and alter the shape of your jacket.

To guarantee you get the look just right, we would always recommend investing in a made-to-measure suit. If you are planning to make the investment into a bespoke addition to your wardrobe, why not design the whole look yourself, from the fabric to the lining?

The finished product will be a suit you can keep for years, and with a good fitting waistcoat you could look taller and slimmer which is great for special occasions!

Joe Black three piece suits at H+CO


Although it suits them well, the vest is not just meant for special events. Many men are choosing to wear their three piece suit to the office too. Younger men, perhaps inspired by suit-wearing characters in The Wolf of Wall Street, are looking to the three piece to show they mean business. Whilst older gentlemen, who have been in the industry for years, wearing suits everyday, are looking for something different to their usual style, whilst still being taken seriously in the boardroom.

For many men, their wedding day or a trip to the races is their first taste of wearing a three-piece suit, and although they are perfect for these formal occasions, many don’t realise they are great for casual events too. The vest makes a statement, it’s definitely fashionable to be smart.

If you’re out for the day when it’s warm you can slip off your jacket and rest assured that you still look smart in your waistcoat and tie. Rolling up the sleeves on your shirt can take it further down a notch if you’re aiming for a slightly more casual look.

Guys are also choosing to wear their waistcoat as an individual piece of their wardrobe and are dressing it down with a shirt and jeans. It’s versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways and if you get one that is high quality you know it will last a lifetime.

Trends have changed over time and now it’s much more acceptable to clash your suit and vest, so they don’t need to match. That said, it’s important to experiment with colours, patterns and fabrics to make sure it doesn’t look like an accident.

If you’re going for tonal colours you can play with fabrics, weaves and textures for contrast or if you want a more obvious contrast by adding a completely different colour vest, it’s best to keep the fabric type consistent.

You could even invest in two three piece suits that complement each other and swap the vests on each one from time to time, to keep the look fresh. Pick a simple colour and accessorise well and you can’t go far wrong.

If we still haven’t convinced you, why not come in and try one on for size? We’re a big fan ourselves….


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