Finding a suit with the perfect fit is the ultimate sartorial goal.

We’ve seen plenty of ill fitting suits at H+Co and we know the difference it can make to a gentleman when he walks out of our store in the perfect suit for him.

But, finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy – and we know you don’t have hours to spend in the fitting room.

You’ve done your research, thought about how you’re going to wear your new suit, decided on potential colours and fabrics and even brought along your shoes. But if a well fitting suit was hanging in front of you, how would you know?

You can put your trust in your tailor, (that’s us) and we recommend you do – but having an idea of how your suit should fit before you visit will help you recognise when you’ve found ‘the one’.

Here’s our tips on what to look for in your quest for the perfect fit.



When you put on your outfit, your trousers and jacket should be working together to create the perfect look and not be fighting with each other for attention.

If either one is the wrong size it will pull the focus towards it and take the eye away from your overall style.

The suit must be comfortable and sit naturally on the body – and it should be a good fit in any position. A perfect fit is a perfect fit, whether you are standing, sitting or moving around and should always look sharp.

Most elements of your suit can be altered, so if there are a few minor tweaks needed on an otherwise well fitting suit you are good to go.

Perfect fit Cambridge suit at H+CO


The most important part of the jacket is the way it fits over your shoulders. The shoulders are an expensive feature to change, so try to get them right in the beginning.

A well fitting suit jacket should sit flat with no wrinkles or lines, and the seam should meet the end of your shoulder. If it’s too tight the shoulders and arms will have reduced movement and it won’t be comfortable to wear.

The length of your sleeve is also important. If it’s long you won’t be able to see your well chosen shirt, too short and your jacket will look like it’s shrunk in the wash. Go for between 1/4 – 1/2 inch of shirt on show and you’re onto a winner.

Remember with all parts of your suit, just like getting a hair cut, you can take it away but you can’t add it back on.

When you try on the jacket, do up the top button to make sure it doesn’t pull, but avoid going large. A jacket that’s too big can make you look bigger, but wear it too small and it can also make you look bigger!

Remember, if you are planning to purchase a three-piece suit, check the fit of the waistcoat and the jacket together and on their own so you will feel smart wearing them as separates too.

Pefect fit Joe Black & Gibson suits at H+CO


Chances are you are going to be sitting down in your trousers so the seat needs to feel comfortable.

Trousers that are too tight have the potential to split, so even if you’ve always been a size smaller, be honest and pick the size that fits. Put the trousers on and try sitting down, standing up, moving around and walking across the fitting rooms to make sure you have the perfect fit.

It’s also important to notice if they sit around your waist. You shouldn’t need to wear a belt with your suit so if you’re reaching to pull them up you might need a different pair.

There is nothing worse than having a pair of trousers that are too long… other than having a pair that are too short. Luckily if you’re working with the former they’re easy to take up.

Trousers will usually have a break, which is the point where the fabric folds when it meets your shoes. It doesn’t need to be a huge crease, but a slight break generally looks smarter than no break at all.



It’s easy to tell when a suit is far too big, or worse, far too small. There is a subtle difference with a well fitting suit that can set it apart from an average fitting suit, and it’s all in the measurements.

It’s helpful to have a rough idea of your measurements, but it’s easy to get these wrong and you could be misguided on your size. A good tailor will be happy to take your measurements free of charge. You can pop into H+CO any time and we’ll be happy to do that for you.

When you make an appointment at H+Co we will create a comprehensive profile for you, including your measurements, style and fit preferences, favoured colours and fabrics, so we’re ready to start you off on your personal sartorial journey.

Book an appointment with us and the perfect fit is closer than you think.




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