The finishing touch: Your winter accessory list

The finishing touch: Your winter accessory list

Just because it’s cold and grey outside it doesn’t mean your outfit has to look the same. Here’s the only list you’ll need when it comes to winter styling.

Felt fedoras

The Allen key of hats, your felt fedora is a staple for your winter wardrobe. Winter fedoras should be chosen for their darker colours (olive, taupe, brown and black) and generally have a wider brim.

Casual weekend look? Pair your fedora with a denim jacket and plaid shirt layered underneath. Hiking boots will complete the look.

For something on the smarter side, a longline black bomber jacket, tailored olive chinos and leather desert boots are the way to go. You can either wear a crew neck long sleeve tee or a collared shirt buttoned to the top underneath.

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The quintessential winter accessory, scarves are the difference between being cold and warm enough to function. The beauty of scarves is their ability to be worn various ways, come in a range of styles and the fact that they generally suit everyone. We suggest investing in a few key, quality scarves to see you through the cooler months;

Grey cashmere scarf: Perfect for weekends layered with an anorak and workdays paired with a blue suit

Checkered picnic blanket scarf: Made for the times your either getting or getting over the flu, this type of scarf looks best when worn loosely draped around your neck.

Tasseled scarf: You know it’s winter when you’re reaching for a tasseled scarf more often than not. Tasseled scarves can come in any colour (we suggest sticking to neutrals with one to two colours running through it) and wearing them in a loop formation or with one end draped over your shoulder.


To pom pom or not to pom pom? That is the big beanie question. Men’s beanies are definitely one for casual weekends and depending on the thickness, can be repurposed for mid-season styling. Choosing the right kind of beanie is all about knowing your face and the shape of your head. Rounder faces will need to be lengthened with a taller pom pom beanie, while those with top-heavy heads should go for beanies that are baggier at the back. All in all, you’re beanie should be comfortable and act like it’s giving you a bit of a hug.


The moment your fingers are too numb to message, ‘like’ something on Facebook or send a last minute email, you know it’s time to crack out the gloves. A good leather pair of gloves is a timeless investment for any gentleman, especially now that many brands design their gloves with touch sensitive fingertips so you can still use your smartphone or tablet while your hands remain warm.

Fingerless gloves are the perfect in between for those who don’t feel the cold so acutely but want the feeling of gripping a hot mug of tea all day.

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