The essential Pokémon GO style guide

The essential Pokémon GO style guide

We’ve all seen the hordes of people walking around, staring intently at their phones, exclaiming thinks like “OMG there’s a Dragonite beside you!” Pokémon GO is a viral sensation that makes us excited about getting outside and walking around. So, what do the elite wear while they’re catching Pokémon?

The trainer

If you’re serious about becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time, the first step is looking the part- at least fake ‘till you make it.

This is where athleisure comes in. You’ll be traipsing over craggy mountains for a Rhyhorn trekking up grassy knolls for a Bulbasaur for a wading through creeks for a Magikarp, so you’ll need comfortable, durable clothes that will also look a little fancy when you stop for a coffee.

Tapered track pants with an elastic cuff are the base of any good athleisure outfit. They can be pared back with a hoodie, lace-ups and a flat cap, or a beanie for cooler weather.

Looking for something a little dressier? Keep the pants, simply pair them with a crew-neck tee, long-line bomber jacket, and sports-luxe runners.

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The casual player

If you’re the kind of Pokémon player who gets excited about stumbling across a Dragonite but doesn’t really understand /appreciate the fact that it is one of the rarest Pokémon EVER, then you can get away with dressing more for a smart lunch rather die-hard than Pokémon hunting. Skinny jeans, a denim jacket and hiking boots will keep you prepped for the moments in which you get really fixated on catching that Oddish and need to jump fences and run up hills. Getting hot from all that walking? Layers are key. Think of collared shirts and jumpers so you can easily peel off the layers after a particularly intense race to catch an Evie before your mates.

Love the jacket!

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Night owl

Those who hunt Pokémon after dark are the truly dedicated- or they’re simply lacking in ghost Pokémon.

As always, safety first. Make sure you keep visible at night with bright prints and a loud jacket. Anything neon or reflective will go a long way in keeping you safe, so it’s the perfect opportunity to wear you most ostentatious gold sneakers.

Stay hands-free with a backpack (you can also stick some reflective tape across the back pocket to keep you visible). This doubles as a great storage kit for snacks awhile torch whil ensuring both your hands remain free to catch that all elusive Pikachu.

Color Coordination with Stockholm Burgundy

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