The best types of facial hair for your face

The best types of facial hair for your face

Facial hair has infiltrated our everyday style like the Kardashian’s have our social media. A manly accessory, facial hair styles speak to a man’s identity and style. But in a world laden with various types of beards, moustaches and styles that escape categorisation, how do you know what kind of facial hair is right for you? That’s where we come in, with our breakdown of face shapes and their bearded partners.

Square & angular with a prominent jawline

If you look more like the Chesty Bonds man than anyone else, the world of facial hair is your bearded oyster.

For the gent who prefers something a little more refined, begin with a five-o’clock shadow. This is rugged, edgy and a great option for the modern businessman (taking you through to the weekend and nights out).

Somewhere in between the 5 o’clock shadow and a full-on beard lies the ‘fade.’ A newcomer to the facial hair scene, the fade looks effortless yet is achieved with varying settings on a facial hair trimmer. Step one, give you beard an overall trim so it looks short and slightly scruffy (use a number 3 setting on your electric trimmer). Clean up the lower neck before switching to setting number 1 and buzz from your Adam’s apple to 5cm below your jaw. Finally, set the trimmer to number 2 and buzz that remaining area, refining and fading down towards your neck



Ryan Gosling shows us how to pull off the perfect fade.


Round face

Trying to add more angles to your facial structure? You can slim down your cheekbones with a neatly trimmed beard that is finessed with a slimmer line of hair across your upper lip. Use an electric beard trimmer to create a hard line that angles towards your chin before finishing with a squared jaw for a more angular look.

roundJake Gyllenhaal sticks to a fine line across his cheekbones for an angular look.

Longer, oval face

Sick of being asked “why the long face?” A neatly trimmed beard that is clipped close to the chin can help shorten the appearance of your face, ensuring you won’t have to laugh at awkward puns anymore. Maintaining thicker hair around your cheeks can also fill out the appearance of your face.

If you’re embracing a laid back holiday look, why not grow a slightly scruffier beard? As effortless as this sounds, these beards require you to check yourself out in the mirror daily to ensure you don’t look like you finished a 5-day bender and to ensure there aren’t any strays escaping towards your lower neck.

ovalSquaring out his face with a neatly trimmed beard, Ben Affleck.

Heart shaped face

Blessed with check bones sharp enough to slice deli meats and a prominent jawline? Those with heart-shaped faces can play around with modern goatees (goatees surrounded by a fine line beard) and Van Dykes. Looks made popular by Johnny Depp as well as The Three Musketeers, these types of facial hairstyles are all about sharp lines, so keep your beard trimmer on a finer setting.

For areas around the chin that require a little more work, you can use a good old fashion razor to get into tighter spots and trim down fine lines of hair. This is also a great tactic for trimming the space between the moustache and beard that follows your jawline.

van dykeChristian Bale rocks a modern Van Dyke.

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