Textures you’ll want for your winter wardrobe

Textures  you’ll want for your winter wardrobe

Winter is the time of the year where comfort takes precedent- from comfort food to days spent Netflix binging and ugg boots. So why not take comfort to a whole new level with winter textures? From plush wool jumpers to padded parkas, here’s how to work textures into your wardrobe.


Fancy yourself a smooth criminal? Smoother textures provide comfort during winter while maintaining a sense of polish and class. They’re generally thinner items which also makes them great for layering.

The items:

Cashmere scarf
Cotton/wool v-neck jumper
Suede derby boots




Far from being “adorable” or “cute,” furry textures for a man’s winter wardrobe adds a rustic appeal to his look. Furry textures such a shearling and fleece are perfect for layering and beating the cold weather. They make great linings, meaning you can wear whatever texture you please to the outer.

The items:

Denim jacket with shearling lining
Fleece lined leather gloves
Pom pom beanie



Rugged & bumpy

A lumberjack aesthetic, rugged textures essentially take your outfit from every day to winter-ready. These textures are worn to the outer and can be paired with smoother textures to dress them up, for example, a worsted wool blazer and slim-fit cotton chinos.

The items:

Tweed jacket
Corduroy pants
Worsted wool suit



Not quite ‘smooth’ but definitely along the same lines, ‘slick’ wardrobe textures are your guardians against wild winter weather. They’re often synthetic and lightweight so you can wear non-weather proof clothing underneath and not have to worry about getting soaked as you walk to the train station.

The items:

Waxed raincoat
Rubber and nylon shoes
Weather-proof bomber jacket



Aaaaaah yes, this is what winter is all about- being rugged up and comfortable while the rain patters on the roof outside. Plush textures give you a hug and make you feel ok about going to work on a rainy Monday. They should be pared back with slimmer fit items to avoid a Michelin Man look.

The items:

Calbleknit jumper
Wool scarf
Padded jacket


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