Marian and Paul knew they wanted a Tailor-Made wedding suit and set out to find the perfect tailor for them.

Marian accompanied her boys on their wedding suit shopping trip, but these guys were very sure about what they were looking for.

H+CO was their first of four Tailor-Made appointments and we were utterly delighted to see them back with us after meeting with 3 other premium tailors.

Paul and Loui went for these stunning blue three-piece wool Tailor-Made wedding suits with satin collar and pocket trim, and after obtaining a sample of the custom fabric, they were able to source a close match for the younger boys outfits.

Here’s a note of thanks from Paul that summed up his experience, which we really appreciate…

“H was amazing, from the moment we met him.

We never knew this shop existed until we were price matching. His came in the best after going to another 3 suit makers. He talked the talked and definitely walked the walk.

The suit came in on time, barely needed any adjusting, and fitted so well, it made me look skinny. They were very comfortable and glad we went for a New Zealand manufacturer, rather than the usual Chinese and cheaper material at most other places.

Definitely not going to buy a suit from anyone or anywhere else again. H is the man to see for all your suit needs.”

Thanks mate, it’s so nice get such great feedback.

It was a total pleasure to create your Tailor-Made wedding outfits for you and Loui and we’re delighted to see you had a beautiful day. Sincerely wishing you and Marian every happiness for the future, from the team at H+CO.

Tailor-Made suits for weddings are becoming more and more popular – and it’s easy to see why, when we can match colours to suit just about any theme from our vast range of premium fabrics. On such a special day, it’s those special little details that make your ensemble a pleasure to wear and make you feel like a million dollars.

Call us for a chat any time to discuss your wedding plans, or book in for a no-obligation couple’s consultation to brainstorm the look we can help you craft to complete your wedding vision.

Don’t let the ladies have all the fun!

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