Styling mistakes you didn’t know you were making

Styling mistakes you didn’t know you were making

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. A simple undone button, the wrong kind of shirt collar or a stripe that is too wide can be the undoing of a great outfit. Call us picky, but we’ve put together some of the more finicky style faux-pas that may be killing your look.

Your jeans don’t fit properly

Straight leg and slim fit- these are really the only two types of jeans that you should have in your wardrobe.

Slim fit jeans should not be skinny, but should slightly hug the thighs, knees and calves while loosening up around your ankle. A lot of men make the mistake of buying jeans that cling to their ankles like a toffee to the roof of your mouth, and this small mistake alone kills the whole look.

Straight leg jeans are characterised by the same cut all the way down the leg. This cut feels close at the thighs but looser at the knees and calves. Ensuring that the jeans are in fact slimmer at the thighs will keep your style fresh.

Your shoes are laced the wrong way

Shoe laces are much like a garnish- necessary, but always an afterthought and easily overlooked. By default your shoes will come with zig-zag lacing when bought from the store. For wear, this is a big no no as zig-zag lacing often pulls off centre and will warp the upper of the shoe.

Our favourite lace pattern is simple straight bar lacing- it’s sharp, easy and timeless. Over-under lacing is also up there with our favourites as it is practical and reduces friction.


Your blazer is all wrong

Blazers are your golden ticket to instant polish. Chuck on a blazer over anything and you’ll look like you sip champagne for breakfast.

However finding the right fit and style will decide whether you sip Moët or Yellow.

Starting from the top, the shoulder should lie flat and should meet the seam of the suit where your arm meets your shoulder. Shoulders that extend beyond the natural length of your shoulder look baggy and don’t do your look justice.

Moving down the arm, your jacket sleeve length should finish just above your wrist bone so 1.25cm of shirt is visible underneath the jacket cuff. The hem of the blazer should hit the middle of your hand when your hands are draped naturally by your sides.

The buttons. Buttoning your blazer incorrectly is the number one thing that kills your style. So sit up and take note. Only ever have one button on a single breasted blazer buttoned up. As a general rule, your blazer should always be buttoned until you sit, but again, only ever ONE button should be done up.


What are your favourite style hacks?

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