Still wearing summer clothes in autumn?

Still wearing summer clothes in autumn?

As the weather reports, memes and various Facebook status have all informed us- this is one of the hottest autumns on record. If your coat hasn’t made its annual appearance yet, now is the time to squeeze the last wear out of your summer wardrobe. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your warm weather clothes by adding an autumnal touch.


The epitome of a summer wardrobe, your T-shirts are you saviour on 23 degree autumn days.

A great option for casual Fridays, pair your t-shirt with taupe chinos, low-line lace ups shoes, a navy wool blazer and a bright lapel pin for a touch of colour. This fresh look will take you from work to after work drinks while the navy blazer adds the right seasonal look.

When the weekend finally rolls around, you’ll be reaching for your t-shirt before anything else. Nothing beats a t-shirt and jeans combination, complete with a felt fedora to make it look a little more autumnal. Pairing your t-shirt with taupe chinos, suede boots and a denim jacket will also give you an autumnal style while ensuring you remain cool and comfortable.

Denim never gets old…if it does it just looks better!

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Shorts in Autumn? Not as preposterous as you might think.

Opt for darker coloured chino shorts, like navy or olive, to ensure they don’t look too out of place in the middle of May. Pair these with a blazer, collared shirt, and boat shoes for a preppier look that speaks to mid-season styling.

Chino shorts also look great with a wool v-neck jumper. You can easily layer a striped collared shirt of plain white tee underneath the jumper, creating a smart-casual style that is perfect for day to night wear.

Short sleeve shirts

Shorts sleeve shirts are useful beyond Saturday BBQs and beach days. During unseasonably hot autumn days, they can be layered to stand in the place of long sleeve shirts and add a necessary touch of colour to your look.

When it comes to layering short sleeve shirts, be ready to wear them without a top layer in case you get too hot. This is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the rest of your outfit. For example, while a short sleeve shirt may look great underneath a blazer with suit pants and brogues, it’s going to look a little out of place once that blazer comes off.

Keep things smart casual by layering short sleeve shirts with a blazer, cuffed chinos and low-line shoes. You can also pair these shirts with a lightweight jumper, using the patterned collar at the focal point of the outfit.

Merino wool sweater, white sneakers kind of day | Cc. @blakescott_

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