Putting a modern spin on the classics

Putting a modern spin on the classics

Your Australian flag tattoo is rubbing off your cheek, the BBQ is cooling down and you’re shaking the last remnants of beach sand from your feet. Australia Day may be over for another year, but you can carry on the feeling with a modern take on a few of Australia’s classic style icons.

From Akubra to Fedora

Synonymous with The Man from Snowy River and bush wrangling of all sorts, the Akubra is an iconic hat worn by none other than Paul Hogan as he threw a few shrimps on the barbie. Although it may be suitable for those who live on the land, the modern man may have to think twice before breaking it out in the urban jungle.

Sub in your Akubra for a felt fedora. Modern and stylish, fedoras work all year round and can easily be personalised with a hat pin.

For hungover casual Saturdays – slim line jeans, a white tee, taupe fedora and suede lace-ups will have you looking spick and span. You can add some colour with a patterned over shirt and sub chino shorts for jeans if it’s particularly warm outside.

If you’re going down the more smart-casual route, choose a darker fedora with a slightly smaller brim. Get creative with a feather hat pin and opt for a style with a more pronounced dimple to the crown.

Style this fedora with a teal blazer, a white shirt open at the top button, boat shoes and beige chinos for a fresh and edgy look. Wearing a patterned shirt buttoned at the collar with slim navy pants will also tick the smart-casual box.

Sub out the thongs

The tell tale slap of a thong against hot concrete on a summer’s day… does it get any more relaxed? We love flopping around in our flip flops just as much as you, but it’s not going to cut it for work and smart-casual affairs.

Thongs are the ultimate comfort shoes, but we promise you good leather shoes can be just as comfortable. Leather loafers are a stylish wardrobe staple made for work through to weekends. Invest in a staple pair of brown penny loafers that will mould to the shape of your foot. Pair your penny loafers with a deep navy suit, white shirt and brightly coloured tie or pocket square for work. You can sub the suit pants with beige chinos for a smart casual weekend, or pop on a chambray shirt, navy chino shorts and a white tee for a more relaxed style.


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Out with flanno and in with gingham

Flannos are made for barbecuing, backyard cricket and hauling eskies of beer. If Australia had a comfort blanket, the flanno would be it.

As great as they are for weekends, you may need a more polished pattern for 9-5. We encourage you to sub plaid for gingham– a more refined and versatile check. From a plum gingham shirt with navy pants for work to a spearmint gingham pattern with chinos for the weekend, gingham is a timeless option.

Get creative with gingham by opting for a brightly coloured gingham pocket square to finish off your navy suit. Equally as stylish, a darker coloured gingham tie will add depth to your evening look.

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