Melbourne cup is undoubtedly the highlight of the Spring Racing calendar. Whether you’re planning to attend race day at Flemington in person, or just in spirit at one of the thousands of Melbourne Cup events around the country, you need to get your sartorial style just right.

Here’s a little H+Co advice on this season’s trends to help you win in the style stakes – even if you flunk out with the bookies.

Lapels are big!

Not just in terms of popularity, but literally, getting wider.

The double-breasted suit has been shunned for many years now, but its appearance on the runways has stimulated a move to wider lapels as a general trend, so don’t be put off if you see some wider lapels thrown into the mix this season.

Pimp your ride for Melbourne Cup

Well, ok, your jacket! While we’re on the subject of lapels, race day is the perfect opportunity to add a flamboyant twist with a colourful floral lapel pin.

And don’t forget your pocket square to complete the look.

Melbourne Cup style tips from H and Co - colour

Colour your world

There is much more colour creeping into men’s tailoring, so don’t be scared to experiment a little. If you’re not confident with colour, consider linings and trims to add a vibrant accent.

There are still plenty of blues and greys, but now is the time to think of embracing Italian inspired shades of pomegranate, and light sky blues.

Earthy tones are becoming ever more popular, such as tobacco, chocolate brown, tan or beige.

If you prefer to keep your tailoring on the more sober side of the colour spectrum, get experimental with your shirt and tie. This is the easiest way to enhance your look for that race-ready spirit.

Play around with patterns and colours and mix up window pane checks, pin stripes and florals. If there is one day, you can really express your unique personality in your tailored attire, this is it.

Melbourne Cup style tips from H and Co - fabrics

Fabric magic

Linen is back for summer, as well as clever linen combinations to prevent unwanted creasing.

Linen is so easy to wear and the ultimate breathable choice for the spring racing and gives you a softer look overall, while still maintaining a tailored feel.

The perennial light-weight wool is also perfect for that sharper, sleeker style.

Whatever you do, avoid man-made fabrics that really can’t stand up to the heat and will have you in a sweaty mess by the end of the day.

Get race-ready

In the end, looking good is more about feeling good than anything else, so whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

Why not book an appointment at H+Co to put your racing style through its paces in the privacy of our showroom, which will be closed to the public for the duration of your appointment.

If you need an appointment after hours, we will be happy to accommodate.

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