Meeting a recruitment agent

Before many of us even get to an interview stage with a potential employer you have to do the rounds with the recruitment agent.  I have known many people to take this lightly and not even do any research into who they are going to see. Remember you have to impress them to pass on their impression of you when they are talking to their client ( who you want an interview with )

I have many clients in the recruiting world and I was lucky to chat with a long term customer of mine, Duncan Amos, Divisional Director at Bluefin Resources. He has kindly taken the time to tell me what they are looking for when a candidate comes to see them.

Thank you Duncan for your advice below, I really appreciate it and I am sure my readers will get some great tips for when they are job hunting and see recruiters.

Duncan Amos

Divisional Director

Bluefin Resources

I have spent 17+ years in recruitment and I can’t over-emphasise the importance of dressing appropriately for an interview. When you walk in that room, how you dress sets an important first impression to the interviewer. Remember it does not matter what you think is appropriate attire, it’s what the interviewer thinks that matters.

A sharp appearance will set a positive mark even before you speak. It will show that you have respect for the interviewer and that you are taking the interview seriously.

Before the interview, research the dress code of the company by asking your recruiter or even calling reception. The last thing you want to do when interviewing for a funky casual dress office is turn up in top hat and tail.

Our Advice at Bluefin is for more formal suited environments, invest in a quality suit, shirt and tie combination. Ensure the suit fits and you look natural wearing it. It should not be hanging off you like a sack or so tight you have to hold your breath to get those trousers on. Polish your shoes, get rid of the scuffs and never ever wear white socks!

If the work environment is smart casual, again suits can be great, just dress them down a bit by losing the tie. Also a fitted trouser, shirt, jacket and smart shoes combo can’t go wrong either. Do not wear jeans, trainers, short sleaved shirts or boating shoes. Again, look sharp.

Whatever the environment, ensure the shirt is ironed, suit/trousers dry cleaned. Set that first positive impression with smart dress and a confident/firm handshake.

If you need any other interviewing tips, please visit or for further advice on interview clothing speak to H or his team.


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