MANicure for ovarian cancer awareness

Youtube Video here

Did you know that ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all women’s cancers? It devastates thousands of Australian women each year, and also the men in their lives.

February is Ovarian Cancer awareness month. So are you up for a challenge?

I challenge my mates Paul Grummett, Graham Lloyd and Tim Hyne-Jones and from abroad Rony

Kotecha, Ashwin Jagatia and Sital Ruperalia to show us their #MANicure for Ovarian Cancer

Awareness Month!

Get to a @chemmartpharmacy and buy your #ColourforaCause nail polish and donate to Ovarian

Cancer Australia today!! #OCAwareness

Don’t forget to donate as well! You can pick up your #teal nail polish from @chemmartpharmacy

Donate here

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