How to tie a tie, on someone else

How to tie a tie, on someone else

My son has just started school this year and this term he needs to wear a Winter Uniform. Included in a Winter Uniform he needs to wear a tie. I have tied a Tie on myself for many years, but tying it on someone else ( especially a fidgety kid ) has proven a challenge.


With some practice I have managed to tie it on him, doing it the opposite way round. This morning as I was leaving to come to work, my wife shouts to me “ Can you tie Reid’s Tie, it has come undone”. You can imagine my reaction …. I won’t put anything down in writing it could get me into trouble.

This gave me an idea, I thought I would create a quick Video on how to Tie a Tie on someone else and send it to my wife. I also will share it with you as it may be helpful also.

You will need to practice a few times, so I have used my knee in the video. You can pre tie it the night before, Please make sure you untie it when you have finished otherwise the tie will become wrinkled and you will ruin the fabric. Plus you will see creases on it.

Depending on the length of the tie as explained in the video, go with either Method 1 or 2 below

Method 1 – The Windsor Tie

Method 2 – The Half Windsor

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