How to match ties & pocket squares

So you have the shirt and tie you like.

Again depending on the event you can jazz up your outfit with a pocket square. There are so many types of pockets squares. I personally like the plain colours as they are easy to match but you can be a little adventurous here.

In part 1 I mentioned picking one colour in the tie that matches the shirt. Use that colour again and try and get a pocket hank to match. This will tie in three items of clothing together and you will be looking the bees knees.

If you are struggling with trying the get that colour hank, pick a colour in your tie that is strong and covers most of the fabric and pick a hank to match that. You have then ties the Tie to the Shirt and then the Hank to the Tie. Easy.

If you are unsure on how to wear a pocket hank, please click here to see my video on how to wear a pocket hank

You may have got a double cuff shirt or a due cuff shirt ( not sure what they are click here to find out

Cufflinks are a unique accessory you can add them to many shirts and make them unique to your personality of function you are attending. When picking cufflinks I recommend trying to match your watch strap or you rings ( if you are wearing any )

Gold watch – gold cufflinks

Silver watch – silver cufflinks

If you like a bit of fun, even go some novelty cufflinks.

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