How to match shirts & ties together

It can be a little daunting when you have an event and you need to match a shirt and accessories together.

First things first you, ask yourself the question ( or your partner will tell you ), what is the outfit for? You may have a wedding, interview, party or just for work.

Remember with a party or wedding you can be a little bit more flamboyant but for an interview or work you may want to tone it down. Go with you personality and more important what you feel comfortable in.

If you are going shirt shopping it is probably easier to either take a tie with you that you want to wear so you can match it or buy the whole outfit.

If you want to take the suit jacket with you, then you are making life a lot easier.

Ok you are at the shops and you are staring at all the fits. The two fits you are really looking for is slim or regular. Slim is popular at the moment but again go with what you are comfortable.

Remember my video of how shirts can be altered so dont get discouraged by the word slim if you like a slim fitting shirt.

If you have a few shirts you like, put them to one side then grab some ties. I don’t believe the saying, stripes and checks should not be mixed. Try and find one colour in the tie that matches the shirt. Hold them together and even try them on. You will see what I mean once you visualise it.

Another idea is to go for a busy shirt with a bit of red or blue in it and then go for a plain tie. This becomes a nice contrast and does not make you outfit look to busy.

Just remember this rule, one colour in the shirt to match one colour in the tie. Try it on and you will know what looks right. Take some pictures, send them to you partner or friend. They will tell you.

If you struggle even get on our facebook page and I will help you instantly.


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