How to love and care for your wool coat

How to love and care for your wool coat

Owning a wool coat is like owning a pet- it requires love, care, and attention if it’s going to remain soft and cuddly. If you’re just taking your winter coat out of hibernation, here’s how to get it looking good as new again.


Day to day maintenance of your wool coat goes beyond chucking it in the washing machine or using your finger to scratch of coffee spills.

To keep your coat at it’s shiniest and best, brush it down with a suede brush or a lint brush after wear.

If you’ve spilt your morning coffee or evening wine on your coat, blot it immediately with a paper towel of some kind of absorbent cloth to soak up the moisture. Rubbing it will just push the stain deeper into the wool, eventually making it harder to get out than a carpark at Christmas time.

Your wool coat should also be treated to a dry cleaner visit at least twice a year, the best times being at the beginning and end of the season.

If your coat contains less than 80% wool, it should be safe for handwashing, just read and re-read the care label to be sure. If you’re going to handwash your coat, ensure it is washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.


What should you do with your winter coat while it’s blistering hot during the summer? Your coat will need to go into hibernation in a garment bag to prevents moths, dust and other non-desirables getting into it.

While it’s being worn, hang your coat on a wooden hanger each night to avoid it getting crumpled. It sounds pedantic but pay close attention to the shape and sturdiness of the hanger so it doesn’t stretch the shoulder out of shape.

Wool also acts as an odour absorbent so keep your wool coat away from your gym gear to avoid smelling like a locker room the next day.

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