How to dress like a hip dad

How to dress like a hip dad


Maybe you’ve grown up, but your wardrobe hasn’t. Or maybe you used to dress so cool, but then you had kids and lost your mojo. With Father’s Day coming up on 6 September, it’s a good time to review some tips and tricks for how to present yourself in a way that makes both you and your family feel proud.


As a dad, when you’ve worked all week, it can be tempting to be a bit of a dag on the weekends, but don’t let yourself go. There’s a big difference between getting comfortable and looking sloppy.

Whether you’re doing school drop-off, meeting your kids’ teachers or other parents, hanging out at your daughter’s soccer game, or getting to know your teenager’s friends when they come to the house, dressing smartly shows you have respect for yourself and your family. Plus, you’re also setting an example for your kids. And trust me, your wife or partner will appreciate her well-dressed man, too.

Attire advice

Don’t know where to begin? Start with these four rules of thumb:

  1. Invest in some outfits that work both for work and for play. For example, what you’d wear for casual Fridays makes for a great weekend wardrobe as well.
  2. Gram it! Check out Instagram to see what other cool dads are wearing. Your kids will be impressed that you’re showing off your social media savvy, too!
  3. Get well-made, hard-wearing clothes. Fatherhood is hard work! Your clothes should be up to the task.
  4. There’s nothing more embarrassing – OMG, Dad! – than walking around in clothes that are too big or too tight. Make sure your clothes fit the body you have (not the body you wish you had), and if you’re not sure about fit, talk to an experienced salesperson – they can help with measurements and tailoring advice.

The hip dad wardrobe staples

You can further avoid those cringe-worthy, uncool-dad fashion faux pas by keeping these reliable go-to items in your closet:

+Dark, up-to-date jeans.

+Another nice pair of trousers – grey is always a solid bet.

+A couple of nice, ironed T-shirts with no holes or baby food stains (just because your infant has food dribbling down his or her front doesn’t mean you can; wearing dark-coloured shirts can also help combat this).

+A white button-down shirt (tuck it in!), which’ll go with anything.

+A coloured button-down shirt (does your wife like how a blue shirt brings out the colour of your eyes? Just nothing too loud).

+One or two nice cotton polo shirts.

+A pair of brown brogues and a matching belt.

+A pair of polished black dress shoes and a matching belt.

+Good socks to go with your nice shoes (no gym socks; feel free to show a little bit of your personality and originality with some creative colours or patterns. After all, you aren’t just your kids’ dad – you’re your own man).

+Clean, dressier sneakers (don’t just wear runners or trainers all weekend).

+A handsome overcoat, smart jumper, and warm scarf (for those winter-sports outdoor days).

+A pair of fashionable sunnies (again, ask a knowledgeable salesperson about a good fit for your face).

+The ever-trusty sports jacket, in a neutral colour, such as navy or grey.

+A suit and tie (for those more formal family outings).

By following my advice and adhering to this checklist, you can go out and about with your family feeling good and walking tall.

Cheers for reading. H

Which wardrobe staple is on your Father’s Day wish list?

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