The races are one of the highlights of our event calendar. Whether you’re preparing for the big events in November or you’re enjoying the Autumn racing, regardless of which race you’re attending, you need to look your best – it is tradition after all! Need a little help with how to dress for Autumn racing? Read on

Although the autumn and winter races aren’t quite so strict on the dress code, we know you want to look your absolute best, and getting the suit part right now, will mean you can dial up the style and colour stakes with new shirts, ties and accessories to refresh your look for spring racing.

Follow our advice and our bet is we’ll have you dressing like a winner in no time.



The races are built around years of tradition, so if you’re unsure about what style of suit you should be wearing, head to a tailor like H+CO for the best advice. We’ve been doing this for years and can help you to pick the right styles, shapes and most importantly colours, so you know your ensemble is going to fit with the suggested attire for your chosen event.

Derby Day has a strict black and white dress code, so if you are heading to this event we would recommend you go for a classic look.

Stick to a traditional black suit with a crisp white shirt. This Cambridge style, which is just the ticket (//

Or our Joe Black signature suit for a more contemporary fit //

This one is also available as a three piece for a really on-trend look //

If you want to add some personality, customise your outfit subtly with a flash of brightly coloured socks, patterned scarf or pocket square.

Although going traditional seems like a safe bet for Autumn racing, there are plenty of ways to keep it modern. At H + Co we like to bring the essence of British tailoring to Sydney with our old school service, but we still know how important it is to make your look unique, especially for events like these, so why not book a personal appointment and we’ll nail your racing style together.

These suits from Cambridge are perfect for a contemporary twist on traditional style.

Cambridge suits - perfect for Autumn racing at H+CO


When the horses are running, our eyes are firming on the prize. But for the rest of the event we’re watching out for the sartorial fashion off the field. If you’re going to take part, why not give everyone something to look at?

The races give the perfect opportunity for the gentlemen spectating to stand out from the crowd, but when they are competing with the stunning dresses from the ladies, it can be tough. Take a gamble on and off the course this year and go for something out of the ordinary. Just because it’s Autumn racing, it doesn’t mean you need to tone your style right down to match the season.

Many people will first start with unique accessories, but why not make your suit just as striking too? We have seen an increase in new colours this summer and we love this lithium blue slim fit suit from Gibson  // – its certain to turn heads as you walk by.

Go for a tonal shirt in dark blue, or stick with crisp white, but either way, add a vibrant tie and pocket square and you’re all set.

If you like patterns, but want to keep your look low key, pick a great shirt with a small pattern to add a subtle touch of detail. Pinstripes, spots or paisley can turn a simple suit into a stylish one and should be especially considered for Crown Oaks Day where patterns are very welcome. //

These Gibson suits are great for slightly younger colours and cuts…

Gibson suits for Autumn racing at H+CO


Once you’ve got your suit and it’s fitting to perfection, the finishing touches will make all the difference and get you ready for the big event.

Before you head off make sure you check which flower has been picked out for each race day. On the final event of the calendar, the Emirates Stakes Day, the official flower is a red rose.

If you’re not planning to wear a real flower, why not try a faux one? We love a lapel flower like this Gibson one below. The flower should always be worn on the left lapel of your suit jacket and most will already have a hole in the correct place. Choose to wear it with or without the metal pin showing and decide whether you want to match or contrast your flower with your other details.

If you’re attending a more casual event, for Autumn racing, with a more relaxed dress code, grab the opportunity to experiment with your accessories. The races are a time when you bring out the best. If you’ve been saving your cufflinks, bow ties, or your favourite belt for a special occasion, now is the day to get them out of the box!

And if it happens to be chilly on the day of your event, no worries! This is just another opportunity to demonstrate how dapper you really are with a stylish overcoat – that way, you’ll stay nice and toasty and still look the business.

What ever you choose, for any event, make sure you look super-smart and well groomed. There’ll be plenty of pictures taken on the day, so visit the barber, have a fresh trim, tame your facial hair and polish your shoes ready for the season. We can’t promise you’ll get lucky on the horses but with these tips you’ll win big in the style stakes.

And remember, we like to keep our collections fresh, with new products in store every couple of weeks, so not all our products are available online. Drop by the showroom or book a personal appointment sometime to explore our ranges in full. You’ll find the best of Joe Black, Gibson and Cambridge at H+CO. Look forward to welcoming you soon…

Overcoats for Autumn racing at H+CO

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