Hot or cold? Mid-season fabrics and fibres to keep you comfortable

Hot or cold? Mid-season fabrics and fibres to keep you comfortable

Looking good is about being comfortable just as much as it is about styling. Adding our favourite fabrics and fibres to your wardrobe will keep you comfortable and stylish while the mid-season weather sorts itself out.


Why we love it

The Superman of all fabrics, cotton is the staple fabric of your wardrobe. It is breathable, lightweight, easy to wear and, just as importantly, easy to wash.

Cotton is the kind of fabric that you want to layer. It regulates your body temperature meaning that it keeps you cool when you need be cool and warm when it gets a little chilly out there.

What you should own

Because it’s a superhero fabric, cotton comes in just about any garment form. We suggest you on these staples:

A white cotton tee with a crew neck

Cotton chinos with an elastane stretch (97% cotton, 3% elastane), cut in a tapered or slim silhouette

Cotton shirts- it’s up to you if you’re feeling bold patterns of plain

Tropical wool

Why you should own it

When we think of wool, we think of winter days, a roaring fire, perhaps some snow- but before you get too sceptical, we’re talking about tropical wool, a lightweight version of one of our favourite fabrics.

A temperature regulator that cools you down on a hot day and warms you up when you need it, we love tropical wool because it looks slightly more professional than cotton. It doesn’t wrinkle like linen and also has moisture wicking capabilities so sweat isn’t an issue.

What you should own

A tropical wool suit- this is perfect for weddings, work when its hot during the day and event events when it’s a little cooler. Opt for a single-breasted, slim fit cut for a modern sense of polish

Tropical wool trousers– slightly dressier than chinos, these trousers are perfect for smart-casual events and can be paired with a cotton shirt for work.

Cotton denim

Why we love it

You can’t get much more classic than denim! A staple for your casual wardrobe, we love denim for it’s versatility. From acid wash to dark denim and faded styles, denim is a great way to show off your personality and goes with absolutely ANYTHING.

What you should own

Jeans- if there was ever a non-negotiable must-have, jeans are it

Chambray shirt- Something to throw on and layer up on the cooler days

Denim jacket- this is perfect for edgier looks and weather a little on the cooler side.


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