Here comes the groom: Spring wedding attire

Here comes the groom: Spring wedding attire


If you’re saying “I do” this spring, show your bride-to-be that your wardrobe is one thing she doesn’t have to worry about on the wedding to-do list. Get up to speed on the latest trends for soon-to-be husbands.


Suits of repute

Tuxedos have seen their heyday; that trend, for now, is done and dusted, which is okay by me. (In particular, I’ve never really been a big fan of the top-hat-and-tails look – a bit over the top, if you ask me.)

Now, blue suits, it seems, are everywhere this season. And not just conventional navy – we’re talking brighter blues of many hues. And though I like this popular trend, there are some other looks emerging that I am even more ready to get behind.

For one, I love a groom in a three-piece suit, so it’s nice to see this ensemble making a comeback. This is a great option for the groom who wants to stand out a bit from his groomsmen – the groom gets the vest, and his mates in the wedding party stick to traditional matching two-piece suits.

When it comes to colour, navy and other dark colours are still the norm for more formal affairs, but light greys are making a play for attention – and it’s working in a big way. This is a cool look for outdoor weddings and more casual events.

As for cut, slim-fit suits, both jackets and trousers, are trending; you’ll definitely be a hip husband-to-be if you go this route. Plus, many brides are opting for more modern, trendier dresses these days, too. However, if the trim trend’s just not for you, you can still never go wrong with a traditional fit – no matter what your wife-to-be is wearing.

The dirt on shirts

My favourite trend in shirts right now is to opt for ivory over crisp white. This can be especially complementary if your blushing bride is wearing an ivory dress. Just make sure it’s a true ivory that matches and not too yellow. (If possible, bring a swatch of her dress with you when you do your shopping.)

Accessorise wisely

One important fashion and photography don’t? Whatever you do, don’t wear a white tie; it’ll look really washed out in the all-important wedding pictures, especially if you do black-and-white photos. Instead, choose a nice colour that matches either the bridesmaids’ dresses or one of the wedding flowers. Also, do invest in a pocket square in a matching colour.

Your footwear is another way you can differentiate yourself from your groomsmen. Say, for example, you do choose a light-grey suit. Brown shoes and a brown belt for the groom makes for a snazzy combo, and you can have your ushers don classic black shoes and belt.

As for socks, you can actually go with matching colours – grey socks with a grey suit, navy with navy, brown with brown. And in spite of my conservative streak, you can get away with doing something fun and bright with your socks, too (see picture). Again, perhaps you get them to match the bridesmaids or the flowers.

Seaside ceremonies

I would be remiss if I did not say something about beach weddings. We are in Australia, after all. Beachfront nuptials allow for a bit more attire freedom: think light-coloured trousers and even (yes, I’ll say it!) thongs. And this is possibly the only instance you’ll hear me say that you can wear your white shirt untucked!

Cheers for reading. H

Are you in charge of what you’re wearing to your wedding, or is your bride-to-be calling the sartorial shots?

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