Has-been trends that you should avoid

Somewhere, in the deepest, darkest corners of your wardrobe, there lies a piece of clothing that you know should have been banished years ago. It may be that uni jumper that accompanied you to every house party, or your baggy jeans that saw you through your skater boy phase. Whatever it is, you know in your heart of hearts that its had its time in the limelight, and now you’ve got to say goodbye. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you through the separation anxiety as you say goodbye to your bootcut jeans and beaded man necklace, subbing in these outdated trends for something a little more modern. Trust us, you won’t even remember what your baggy jeans looked like.

¾ Cargo pants

‘Bigger, baggier, better’ was the war-cry of ¾ cargo pant wearers worldwide. The amount of pockets one could cram onto each leg seemed to determine one’s wealth of style. Extra points for having Velcro tabs that allowed quick access to your wallet and Nokia 3315 brick.

These days, men’s fashion is much more minimalist and streamlined. Cargo pants make for a great weekend option when you’re hosting a BBQ or exploring the great outdoors. Just try and keep the length at the knee so you don’t look weighed down by the pant.

Alternatively, sub in your cargo pants for sleek, tapered chino shorts. Chino shorts are easy to dress up with a plain white shirt and blazer, and can be paired down with a cotton sweater or a geo-patterned tee. Choose shorts that taper at the hem, finishing just above the knee. Opting for a cotton and elastane blend will keep you cool and comfortable, as well as providing just the right amount of stretch.

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Slogan Tee

Have you ever walked past someone, craning your neck and doing a double take to read the slogan splashed across their chest? We’re all guilty of trying to catch that witty Star Wars pun written on a man’s tee, and yes, we may have a small chuckle seeing Chewbacca dressed as Tupac (this combination equals “Tupacca” hahaha) but there are other, slightly less cringe-worthy ways to show off your personality and sense of humour. Yes, you may love beer, but there’s no need to have it written on your clothing in bold Ariel font. Instead, opt for a bright, quirky pocket square or tie to show off your fun loving nature. Think of the little details that show finesse and style, such as quirky cufflinks shaped like beer steins or a lapel pin modelled as a retro beer advertisement. 

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Baggy or bootcut jeans

If you were a functioning human between 1998-2005 then you will remember (not so fondly) the days of low-slung baggy jeans, chains attached to your wallet and ludicrously white sneakers big enough to house the Russian Circus. It’s fun to look back on photos of you emulating 50 Cent’s style, but that’s where those jeans should remain, immortalised in embarrassing photos that will be made into a slideshow for your next birthday.

The denim trend these days focuses on a slim, tapered style or a comfortable regular fit for more casual wear. As a modern man with a lot on his plate, you’re going to need jeans that are made for Friday nights, meetings the parents and beers with the boys. We suggest having three staple pairs of jeans to see you through every aspect of your life. Slim black jeans will look great with a patterned shirt for nights out, whereas tapered, light blue jeans are easily styled with t-shirt or blazer for smart-casual weekend wear. Owning a regular cut, dark denim style is essential for everything in between, whether you’re ducking to the shops or having a Netflix marathon.

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The ‘going out’ tee

It’s Friday night. You’ve slicked your hair, doused yourself in cologne and now you’re donning your deep-v t-shirt. No. Stop. Take it off. There is another way. We all know those ‘going out’ tees with a v-neck so deep it rivals the depth of the Grand Canyon. They are the equivalent of wearing a shirt with too many buttons undone and thus looking like a modern day Fabio. Think ‘less is more.’ A simple crew neck cotton tee is a staple that can be styled with just about anything, as well as layered with a blazer or anorak for cooler nights. If you want something that screams a little more ‘party,’ opt for a mini-geo print tee that will add a refined touch of colour to your look.

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