H’s wardrobe staple: The polo shirt

H’s wardrobe staple: The polo shirt

If smart-casual could be defined by a garment, the polo shirt should would take the cake. Cool and casual with a competitive edge, here’s how to buy and style your new favourite wardrobe staple.

Attire advice

  1. The entire point of the polo is to keep you cool and stylish, so opt for a cotton fabrication that is breathable and easy to wear. Mercerised cotton is a sleek and dapper option for dressier polos and wears just as effortlessly.
  1. Polos aren’t meant for mowing the lawn or accompanying you as your binge watch Sunday night football, so avoid baggy, unfitted styles. As with most shirts and tees, we recommend a slimmer fit that isn’t Pop-Eye figure hugging. The sleeves should hit around mid-bicep and the shirt should end halfway down the trouser fly.
  1. When it comes to choosing the style of your polos, owning 3-4 basic styles should have you covered for day-to-night wear. Keep it simple with a ribbed collar and two button placket at the neck. Avoid numeral applique as this is quite sporty and unless you play polo at the bar by night, it won’t work style-wise. Once you’ve got your basics down, get adventurous with a contrast button down collar, coloured chest pockets and contrast trim to the sleeves.



The polo shirt lends itself to casual dressing like Samuel L. Jackson does to a Quentin Tarantino film – it’s the perfect match. Casual dressing is a great opportunity to play around with your polo, so get adventurous with a min-geo patterned style complete with a solid collar, and pair with taupe chino shorts and white canvas lace-ups.

For a more classic look, a navy and white striped polo will imbue your wardrobe with a nautical feel. Finish the look with light-blue, tailored chino shorts and tan boat shoes, complete with a matching tan belt.

Smart casual

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? A plain coloured, mercerised cotton polo is your ticket to eating seafood baskets by the wharf.  Style the polo with the placket unbuttoned, complete with tapered linen pants cuffed at the ankles and creased down the front. Boat shoes and a Panama hat will finish the look with a summery appeal.

A classic white sneaker is the perfect way to finish any off-duty look. #TommyHilfiger

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Polos are just like blank canvases waiting to styled into a masterpiece. Summer is the perfect time to have some fun with colours and patterns, adding an edge to your wardrobe.

We’re big fans of block-colour polos, meaning that the sleeves are a different colour from the body of the polo and the collar. Start simple with a grey body, pastel coloured sleeves and a dark collar. Pair this style with tapered beige chinos and white canvas lace-ups for a look that is effortless yet modern.

For those feeling bolder and braver, it’s time to get layering. Begin with a mercerised cotton polo, preferably in a lighter colour like a steely blue. Pair with a navy blazer, bright pocket square, beige chinos and maroon, suede driver loafers that will bring it all together. This style can be toned down with tan boat shoes but offers you the chance to add a contemporary twist to a preppy look.

The Crossweave Blazer #newcollection #limitededition #blazer

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Look for that competitive edge? We’ve got what you need here.

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