H’s wardrobe staple: The blue suit

H’s wardrobe staple: The blue suit

If you’ve been attending spring weddings, paying attention to the races or have simply caught public transport to work, you may have noticed that blue suits are at the height of fashion. More than a summer alternative to the black and charcoal suits we love during winter, blue suits are gaining traction as a year-round staple, connoting a polished and modern style that can be worn by men of all ages.

Attire advice

  1. Fit: When purchasing a suit, there are several golden rules. For starters, the shoulder and jacket length should be as close to perfect as possible, anything else can be tailored. The jacket shoulders should end where your shoulders end; if they’re hanging off the end, this can look like a blow-up muscle man suit. You can also measure the correct length of the suit jacket cupping your hands under the hem for a perfect fit and always go for a two button closure rather than three. The pants should have a flat front and should fit around your waist (not your hips) and tailor towards a tapered or slim fit ankle, not so slim it looks like your smuggling budgies and not so baggy you could be smuggling budgies but no one would know.
  1. Fabric finish: Like ending a delicious meal with a decadent dessert, the fit and style of your suit means nothing unless the finish can complete it. If you’ve opted for a deep blue suit erring towards navy, look for a sateen finish that is polished and suave. For those who have chosen a lighter blue, cobalt suit, a matte finish and looser weave creates a fresh warm-weather look.
  1. Style: One breast or two? Slim fit or regular? These are the big questions with the simplest of answers. A.) Single breast. Double breasted suits are for old world looks that involve tweed, good whiskey and a winged armchair. B). Don’t be afraid of a slim fit, this simply means you may have to go up a size. This cut is more flattering, polished and modern, as well as being versatile in taking you from work to weekend weddings and the trackside.




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Strolling into the office late or underprepared can always be made better by at least looking the part. This is where a stylish deep blue suit comes in, making your boss forget about lost reports in awe of your suit. Opting a slim fit, single breasted style, you can afford to play with peaked lapels as well as notched lapels. Jazz up the look by choosing a double flap pocket for a subtly modern touch. Styling your blue suit with a white shirt undone at the top button is effortlessly fresh yet timeless, and can be easily dressed up with a skinny black tie. We’re also huge fans of adding a geo print shirt, something that is refined like the suit; so avoid wide stripes and loud check patterns for this particular look. Raceday

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A time of the year men get to add a flourish, a touch of panache and some a little out of the ordinary to their look, the blue suit makes for a stylish blank canvas at the trackside. Fresh and polished, it parallels the feel of the races before your horse gets the wooden spoon and there’s an empty bottle of champagne at your side.

The best thing about the blue suit is its ability to support bright and bold colours. Think of a yellow rose lapel pin, orange pocket square or red feather pin to personalise the look. Tonal, mini-gingham patterned shirts bring the suit to life and a red and navy striped tie will add that preppier touch craved by some.


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Possibly the most exciting yet nerve-wracking day of your life, blue suits are a great wedding day option because they’ll hide the nervous sweats and they look dapper enough to convince anymore to marry you. Depending on the style of your wedding, blue suits can either be dressed up or down. More formal grooms will benefit from a deep blue suit, adding a brightly coloured tie to a white shirt and finishing the look with chestnut brogues. Grooms who have opted for a beach weddings, a garden theme of who threw the day together at the last minute can get away with a light blue suit that is fresh and easy going. Add a white carnation lapel pin, linen shirt with the top button undone and an ear-splitting grin to finish. Out & About

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Heading to an event that has a dress-code? Or are you simply looking to impress? This is a fantastic opportunity to disassemble your blue suit, retaining polish without the formality.

Pairing the blazer with tapered, slim fit black pants, a mini floral patterned shirt and loafers will make you look like you have a wad of cash in your wallet and more in the back seat of your limo. This look is perfect for refined cocktail bars and work functions.

More casual evenings, or Saturday drinks that extend beyond 7pm will work with a deep blue suit jacket, cuffed beige chinos and a white t-shirt underneath. Have some fun with a graphic T-shirt, keeping it tasteful with a subtle monochrome image.

For a preppier style, replace the deep blue jacket with a light blue, loose weave jacket, brown belt, boat shoes and salmon-coloured linen shirt, subbing the ‘limo’ for the ‘yacht.’

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