H’s wardrobe staple: Plaid shirts

H’s wardrobe staple: Plaid shirts

An icon of tradies, outback farmers, lumberjacks and dad’s mowing the lawn- the plaid shirt has stood the test of time when it comes to a man’s wardrobe.

We’re here to ensure you’re getting the most out of your plaid shirt, while showing you a few new ways to style it.

The essentials

Think about where you’ll be wearing your plaid shirt. Will you be wearing it with a suit to work? Then opt for a lightweight cotton. Is it going to be more of a weekend thing? Look for a classic flannel fabrication.

Colourwise, it’s best to stick to oldies but goodies i.e. red, blue and green. Choosing a plaid shirt with too many colours has the potential to make you look like a picnic blanket

Even if you’re wearing your plaid shirt as a casual item, avoid styles which are oversized and baggy- they’re more aligned with a carnie look that should be avoided at all times. On the other end of the spectrum, avoid super slim fit shirts– button popping is a no no.

Hello weekends

Ahhhhhh yes, plaid shirts and weekends go together like hot chips and gravy. Chuck on your plaid shirt, chinos and low-line laces ups for an easy weekend look that is perfect from morning to night.

Want to layer it up? A simple white tee underneath your plaid will do the trick. If it’s feeling a little chilly outside, a denim jacket is the perfect way to warm up.

Smart-casual weekends call for a navy plaid shirt, taupe chinos, leather desert boots and a charcoal shawl cardigan. A felt fedora is the perfect way to top it all off.


Working 9-5

Plaid has its place in the office but needs to be used as a statement pattern and pared back with classically polished items like blazers and ties.

In keeping with a ‘rugged,’ pair your plaid shirt with a neutral coloured blazer (think taupe, charcoal, bone), add chinos that are a shade lighter than the blazer and complete with a block-colour tie.  

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