H’s wardrobe staple: Loafers

H’s wardrobe staple: Loafers

If boots are made for walking then loafers are made for…? Just looking damn stylish seems to be the appropriate answer. A timeless footwear option for all men, the humble loafer seems to be that shoe that ends up worn and battered in your wardrobe, your go-to for every style occasion. So if your trusty loafers are beginning to sag at the edges and fade at the toe, here’s a handy style guide to choosing new best friend for your wardrobe.

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With so many style options to choose from, finding a new pair of loafers can be slightly overwhelming. We’re going to run you through some of the key styles that are perfect for all-round wear.

  1. The Penny Loafer:

The father of all loafer styles, the Penny loafer is a classic, casual style that can be worn from Winter through to Summer. These shoes look great with tapered chinos and a blazer for work, as well as cuffed pants and an open front shirt with a fedora to finish on weekends. We ALWAYS advocate for leather shoes, and suggest you purchase your penny loafers in a timeless oxblood colour that works with all the seasons.

  1. The Tassel Loafer

Synonymous with winged back chairs, good whiskey and Cuban cigars, the tassel loafer is the epitome of classy styling. When buying these loafers, keep in mind you’ll be wearing them to work and more formal events, so look for darker colours and leather with a high shine finish.

  1. The Slipper

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to loafer style, and that’s the slipper. Maybe not so new, the slipper is like that long lost friend returning from an expedition through the Himalayas. Slippers are very much back in style and are perfect for everything from work to leisure styling. Typically velvet, you can also find more casual canvas and cotton styles that are great for laid-back styling during the warmer months.



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If you can’t stand the through of lacing another brogue or polishing another dress shoe, loafers are the option for you. Easy to slip into with a coffee in one hand and a piece of toast in the other, we suggest the tassel loafer for workwear styling. When it comes to styling you outfit with loafers, opt for slim-fit, tapered pants that finish at the ankle. Pairing these with a patterned shirt and a pastel coloured blazer is the perfect way to differentiate your work look from the suits on the train. For those with more formal jobs, look for tassel loafers with a patent black finish. The high shine finish connotes instant formality and suave, making you look like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t. These loafers look great when matched with a leather folio briefcase, tapered black pants, a single breasted black blazer, white cotton shirt and a bright lapel pin or pocket square to finish. Weekends

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Whether your weekends are spent at weddings, the pub or looking for cafés with all-day breakfast menus, the penny loafer has you covered on the style front. These easy slip-on-and-off shoes are especially suited to mid season styling when you can find yourself at the beach or huddled under a bus shelter escaping the rain. We love the look of these shoes with cuffed beige chinos and a simple white linen shirt undone at the top. Don’t be afraid to accessorise with a few key pieces of man-jewellery such as a wooden beaded bracelet or woven band.

For gents who prefer yachts, fine champagne and a generally preppier look, now is the perfect time to welcome back the velvet slipper. Paired with slim fit navy chinos, a textured pink blazer and a wide brim cream fedora, velvet slippers will add that extra touch of class to any outfit. Look for styles with an embroidered emblem on the vamp for a look that screams old world elegance.


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Night owls and general lovers of Friday night bevvies should all be reaching for their loafers after dark. Penny loafers or tassel loafers are the go-to styles for after hours wear, being easily adaptable to smart-casual as well as formal evening events. Choosing a low line cut that can be worn with sockets will keep you suave and smooth as the evening.

A geometric or miniature floral patterned shirt, deep navy chinos cuffed at the ankle and oxblood penny loafers make for a modern and stylish evening outfit. Simply throw on a single breasted blazer to adapt this look for cocktail parties that are serving more than mini sausage rolls and pies. For more formal events with ice sculptures and wine fountains, deep brown tassel loafers look dapper with a slim fit blue suit and a bright tie for a pop of colour.

Check out our range of style options that will bring your loafers to life!

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