H’s wardrobe staple: Chino shorts

H’s wardrobe staple: Chino shorts

After 40 degree days and a heatwave or two, the warmer weather has most definitely set in. Although it’s tempting to throw on your footy shorts with a pair of thongs and head out, we offer you chino shorts instead. Polished, modern and effortless, chino shorts are you summer staple for a cool and classy style.

Attire advice

Fit: As with any pants or shorts, know that when we say ‘slim fit’ we don’t mean so slim that you have to lie on your bed and wiggle into them. Ensure you opt for shorts that taper towards the thigh and aren’t baggy at the back. They should fit snuggly around your hips and you should be able to access the phone in your pocket without needing to wrench it out with pliers.

Length: Length will determine whether your chino shorts are suitable for a summer festival or an outing on the yacht. Your shorts should finish three-quarters of the way down your thigh, above the knee. Anything longer will look like you’re going to a 90’s dress-up party, and anything shorter will look too casual.

Fabrication: When the thermometer hits breaking point, you know its time to reach for anything made of cotton. Easy to wear and wash, cotton is breathable and durable. We suggest looking for a heavier cotton so your shorts aren’t flapping around in the breeze like boxers.



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Your casual wardrobe should be brimming with chino shorts. An easy go-to for the beach, café, pub and any other summer adventure you can think of, chino shorts will add an effortless sense of modernity to your look. If you’re out and about on a Saturday, opt for darker chino shorts patterned with a mini-geo print. You can pair them with a plain cotton tee, or an illustrative tee layered with an over-shirt. Complete the look with low-cut canvas sneakers and coffee in hand.

Smart casual

Chino shorts are the very definition of smart casual. Lending themselves to preppier looks, smart-casual styling is all about block colours with attention to the fine details.

Look for navy, taupe or grey-blue chinos shorts for smart-casual styling. These can easily be paired with woven brown loafers or classic boat shoes. Complete the look with a salmon coloured shirt, worn with the top button undone, or a linen blazer for a more formal style. A pocket square or a polished lapel pin will go a long way in impressing your company


Pants and trousers just don’t cut it on sticky summer nights. Cue chino shorts, your saviour when it comes to finding bottoms that don’t act as a sponge for sweat.

A deeper taupe colour or true navy will serve you well when it comes to after hours styling. You can play around with patterned and brightly coloured long sleeve shirts. Look for floral patterns and alternating stripes that will bring out outfit to life without the hassle of accessorising.

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