H+Co at home on Hunter Street

H+Co at home on Hunter Street

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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since H+Co took up residence in our Hunter Connection shop. Hunter Street has seen a lot of amazing change in a decade. This busy pocket of Sydney fit my vision for the store back then, and we still think it’s the perfect home base for H+Co as we head into exciting decade number two.


I got my sartorial start when I joined my family’s retail clothing business in the UK when I graduated from uni. After my family sold the business in 2000, I was ready to strike out on my own, and I moved to Sydney in 2001.

I set up my first retail shop (then branded Zantini Menswear) in Wynyard Arcade – a 44-square-metre space in the underground passageways that connect Wynyard Station with its wider neighbourhood.

Though these passages have a history all their own – many of them are more than 100 years old and used to serve as railway workshops – being underground for three years was … challenging. It was dark and windowless, and the people that flowed through the arcade were not those looking to shop. Instead, they were on a fast-paced blinders-on mission from point A to point B, or they were escaping a rainy above-ground Sydney.

I wanted an open, friendly space that was more a reflection of our philosophy – and one that would increase H+Co’s exposure and truly make us a contender in the Australian retail menswear sector.

When the lease became available for our current site – 7 Hunter Street in the Hunter Connection – I knew I’d found H+Co’s new home. It was an ideal location – just off Sydney’s hectic George Street but still an important artery in the business hub of Sydney. Plus, our Hunter Street neighbourhood has its own special community feel to it – it’s a great location for ticking those errands off your to-do list, going out, grabbing a good cuppa, enjoying a nice meal, and patronising other deserving small businesses. We moved into the 70-square-metre space in September 2005. Here, I get to really look after my customers.

And as I’d hoped, our new shop has indeed increased our visibility exponentially. To continue this trend, we embarked on a renovation – you’ve got to change with the times, after all – and a subsequent rebranding as the H+Co that you know and (I hope) love. Now, we’re looking to take things even further by boosting our online presence – to make shopping with H+Co even more convenient and customer-focused for you.

With almost 10 years down, we’re exactly where we want to be: in a great shop, serving great customers, and poised for great things to come. Hunter Street is a huge part of that. How huge? Let’s just say even my dog is named Hunter.


Cheers for reading. H

Do you hang out on Hunter Street? What are your favourite Hunter Street haunts?

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