Gibson suit

Gibson suit

The Gibson suit is a slimmer suit, but not necessarily ONLY for the younger guys. We sell the Gibson suit as a separate. What that means is that we can give you the trousers and jacket that are your size instead of them coming as a set and having to do alterations. The fabrics are all 100% Wool.


The Jacket has a slimmer notch lapel. The pockets are straight flaps making the suit look slimmer. The buttons on the sleeve have 5 kissing buttons. The jacket has side vents at the back. On the lapel is pick stitching. The arms on the jacket are slightly slimmer so if you are looking for that slimmer look in the sleeve, this is the suit for you.

The Trousers are slimmer in the leg with flat front pockets. They are a low rise trouser, so you can wear them on your hips. The back pockets are slightly angled and in the front pocket there is a coin pocket. The width of the trouser at the bottom is 38cm.

This suit can be worn to work, but is also ideal for a wedding party or even the races. Gibson carries three main colours in the Gibson range; Blue, Charcoal and Black. There is a vest available also. You can wear brown shoes with these colours ( especially the Blue and the Grey ) and make sure you wear a brown belt. If you undo the breast pocket you can put a nice colour pocket hank there.

During the year we will be also carrying seasonal colours in a limited quantity so please look out for them.


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