Getting it right: Accessories vs occasion

Getting it right: Accessories vs occasion

We don’t believe you’d wear a bow tie with a polo shirt to the footy on the weekend, but knowing the subtleties of finding the right accessory for the right occasion will take your outfit “yeah nice” to jaw-dropping amazing.

Bow ties

When to wear them:

  • Formal events
  • Smart-casual

An often underrated accessory, bow ties are no longer just for formal dinners and George Clooney adverts. The classic black bow tie still holds it place amongst formal occasions, however, a new wave of patterned bow ties is making this accessory suitable for everyday smart-casual wear.

Opt for a clip-on bow tie, they’re just so much easier when it comes to getting dressed before your morning coffee. Depending on how bold you’re feeling, look for quirky flamingo patterns that will add a focal point to your outfit. This will allow the rest of your attire to be more simple, so a navy blazer and taupe chinos will do the trick.


When to wear them:

A staple accessory, ties instantly formalise any outfit. Except for Father’s Day, novelty ties should be avoided, along with any ties that mix blue and pink spots.

A thin black tie is an essential, it can easily be paired with both formal and work attire for a classically crisp look. As a general rule of your tie should always be darker than your shirt. Opt for navy, maroon, emerald green and navy tones all with a standard 8cm blade. This will allow you to mix and match throughout the week.



When to wear them:

  • Weddings
  • Formal occasions

Cufflinks are tailor made for special occasions. You can’t just throw them on with any old shirt, they have to be worn with a French cuff shirt. This lends them to black tie dinners and formal events where the wine is clearly more than $10 a bottle.

Keep your cufflinks simple and elegant. Given that they are a formal accessory, it may be wise to avoid novelty styles and bright colours. If you’re looking for something slightly left-of-centre, look for silver or bronze cufflinks that may be formed in a quirkier shape like vintage aeroplanes or racing cars.



When to wear them:

  • On the weekend
  • At the races

Men’s hats have taken on more of a casual to smart-casual role in the world of men’s fashion. They’re often that missing piece of every outfit and can add a simple charm to various ensembles.

When it comes to weekend hat styling, you can’t go past a suede fedora, particularly during the cooler weather. Pairing this with suede boots, olive chinos and a denim jacket lends you an effortless style.

If you’re attending the autumn racing carnival, you’ll want a hat to throw into the air as your horse crosses the finish line first. Stick to neutral colours with a small to medium brim and add some flair with a quirky hat pin to match your pocket square. Medium brimmed fedoras or trilby hats are the best choice for the autumn races which tend to me more classic in terms of styling.


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