Gent’s day to night outfit transition – how to master it

Gent’s day to night outfit transition – how to master it

Gent’s day to night outfit transition – what on earth are we talking about?

Well, we all know the feeling. A “quiet” weekend turns into vague Friday night dinner plans. Dinner turns into drinks, and before you know it, it’s 3am, your Saturday morning gym plans are slowly fading into non-existence, and you’re stuck with the wrong outfit, wondering how it all began.

Next time, prepare for the inevitable. You want a discerning gent’s day to night outfit that seamlessly transitions from – well, day to night! But at the same time, you also don’t want to be “that” schmuck whose idea of “casual Friday” attire is to come in on Friday morning with no tie, sneakers, and a jacket that doesn’t fit properly.

You can easily master the dapper gent’s day to night outfit transition. All you need to do is be prepared.  This list of easy changes will help make any after-work activity a breeze.

Simple changes for a smooth gent’s day to night outfit transition

The right materials

To begin with, having a good quality suit or sports jacket makes it easy to transition from day to night without skipping a beat (or a beer). If your office dress code allows sports jackets and trousers as an alternative to suits, this is a great place to start as it’s much easier to mix and match by bringing different pants or a more casual jacket. It’s a good idea to keep a few pieces at the office to easily take advantage of those impromptu social events.

The Pants

Depending on your work environment, things like dark jeans or slim fit trousers can be appropriate for work. If not, probably one of the easiest ways to change your outfit is to just change your jeans.  You can wear the same shirt and shoes and simply remove your tie, and roll up your sleeves. If you know you’ll be going out on a Thursday or Friday, try to wear a colour that will match with your jeans like charcoal, navy or even red or khaki.

The Jacket

The jacket is another aspect of your outfit that you can easily change. A sports jacket is easy to don either at the beginning of the day with trousers and tie, or at the end to spice things up a little if you are going to a dinner date. Alternatively, change a sports jacket to a leather jacket or a dark denim jacket for a more casual vibe.



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Swap out more serious footwear for cool boots or sneakers after work. Learn a lesson from the ladies and just keep an extra pair of shoes at work. If you’re already changing into jeans from trousers you probably don’t even need to change your footwear.

The little things

If you do find yourself completely unprepared, you can get away with just taking off your tie in the evening, unbuttoning your shirt and rolling up your sleeves for a more relaxed look (and feel!) If it’s warm and you know it’s going to be a rowdy night, it’s probably best to leave the jacket at work. And lose the briefcase if you can- it’s just another thing you don’t want to have to worry about.

So give a little thought to what your stylish gent’s day to night outfit might be and you’ll always feel appropriately dressed for the occasion…

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