Friday fashion tips: how to go from work to play

Friday fashion tips: how to go from work to play


Friday night may be time to let your hair down (if you still have some) after a long week of work, but a night out on the town is still reason to dress to impress. Here are a few fashion pointers for being weekend-ready as soon as 5:30 rolls around.


If your workplace sanctions casual day on Fridays, you may be all set to head straight to the pub or out on your date when the workweek ends. (All the more reason to follow the casual Friday rules.) A sports coat is always a nice touch, especially if you’re going out for a romantic evening.

Minimise the baggage

But many of your jobs do require you to wear a suit Monday through Friday. Bringing a gym bag to the office with a change of clothes for your night out can be cumbersome and not very practical without an iron handy. Fortunately, you’ve got options.

Unwind, but don’t untuck

You can remove your tie. Friday freedom! Just please, keep your shirt tucked in.

Trouser trade-off

Though we’ve shunned the gym bag, you can stick a pair of nice, dark, slim-fit jeans in your briefcase or messenger bag. Come Friday evening, hang up your work pants (and do hang them up!), leave them in the office, and swap again on Monday morning.

If your office does require you to dress like Harvey and Mike from Suits, you can indeed wear your suit jacket in lieu of the absent sports coat. Just make sure it’s plain – when the suit jacket has a stripe or other pattern, it calls more attention to the fact that you’re actually trying to pass off a suit jacket as a sports coat.


And just to break from the often week-long monotony of black shoes (though I have nothing against them), a stylish brown pair makes for impeccable Friday night footwear to finish off your end-of-the-working-week look.

What’s your go-to outfit for a Friday night out, and what are your favourite Friday night haunts? Please share with us on our Facebook page.

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