Five timeless Spring styles we love

Style comes and goes faster than Australia can sift through Prime Ministers. One day you’re on top of the style game, then the next thing you know your jogger jean combo is being featured in style crime blogs.

The latest from the Spring/Sumer 15 runways in Europe detailed large, oversized tees with loud prints from the likes of Alexander McQueen, and equally as avant-garde off-the-shoulder tops from J.W. Anderson. These bold trends are here to make a statement for the time being, but if you enjoy having both your shoulders covered, then these timeless Spring trends will ensure you on top of the style game year after year.



An underrated accessory, men’s hats are a great way to add that something extra to your weekend attire. If you’re the kind of guy who owns a yacht, or aspires to do so, we suggest choosing a lightweight, neutral coloured fedora that screams “I holiday on the French Riviera.” We’re a fan of fedoras with a tighter weave and a wider brim. Look for fedoras that feature a band accented with a fine stripe, adding colour and depth to your look. For those who stalk the urban jungle on weekends, a neutral coloured felt fedora is the way to go. These hats exude a rustic kind of classicism and look great paired with a denim shirt buttoned to the collar, as well as khaki anoraks for the cooler mid-season days. Feel free to personalise your hat by adding a simple feather or elegant pin to the side of the crown. Remember, it’s the small details that matter when it comes to differentiating your style from the flock.

A coloured blazer


Whether you’re going from a work lunch to Friday drinks, or from Friday drinks to more drinks on Saturday, a coloured blazer is an easy way to look smart and polished (even if you’re not feeling that way after hours’ worth of beers.) Blazers are the miracle item of every man’s wardrobe. Donning a blazer it like adding water and stirring for instant style sophistication. A coloured blazer speaks to the freshness of Spring style, as well as allowing you to get as creative and bold as you want with colour choices. When it comes to work wear, we suggest looking for a structured cotton blend blazer with a two-button closure and notched lapels. This will keep you looking sharp through business meetings and interviews. Pair it back on weekends with a softer linen blazer that can be worn over a crisp white shirt or crew neck tee. Adding a pocket square or a stylish lapel pin is the way to go for achieving a handsome, dapper look.

Boat shoes


You don’t want to clunk around in winter suede boots nor do you want to flop around in thongs like you’re at a permanent beach party. That’s where boat shoes come in. Originally developed to ensure sailors maintained a firm grip on the slippery decks of ships, boat shoes are now synonymous with a fresh, preppy Spring time style. They epitomise a smart casual look and are easy to dress up and down.

Boat shoes look their best with cuffed, taupe coloured chinos and a crisp white shirt. Showing a bit of ankle is the first step in embracing the warmer weather and stepping out of winter hibernation. We also love the look of deep, burgundy boat shoes with mid-blue jeans and structured charcoal blazer for more formal events. Boat shoes are the perfect way to add a touch of colour to your look, so get creative with tones of red, blue and ochre.


Prints and patterns on the streets of Paris. (Photo by @suzannemiddlemass) #pfw

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It’s Spring! The sun is shining, the birds and singing your wardrobe should be blossoming with patterns. Patterned clothing exists on a sliding scale from ‘Dr Karl crazy’ to the more refined prints synonymous with Fred Perry. Finding where you fit is a style adventure that allows you to experiment with colour and designs that didn’t seem possible during the depths of Winter. Choosing a few staple patterned shirts is an essential when configuring your Spring wardrobe. These shirts look sharp paired back with a neutral coloured blazer for work, and look fresh for weekends when worn with cuffed sleeves. Owning a patterned shirt is also a great way to mix up your suiting collection. A two piece, slim-fit charcoal suit can be bought to life by a geometric patterned shirt, ensuring your ready for brokering a business deal in style.

Neutral tones


Far from yawn-worthy, neutral tones are the blank canvas of every man’s wardrobe, sitting and patiently waiting to be brought to life by colour and patterns. They provide a great base for building your Spring look and are a fresh work wear alternative to charcoal and black tones.

Owning a staple pair of taupe chinos is the golden rule for every male who wants to stay on top of the style game. Paired with a blazer for work or a bright patterned shirt for weekends, tapered chinos will become your wardrobe go-to. Choosing the right fit is essential, so we recommend opting for a tapered, slim fit (not so slim you scare people when you sit).

If your style is governed by 9-5, don’t be afraid to choose a completely neutral coloured suit. Adding a crisp striped shirt, a paisley print pocket square or a geo-patterned tie will enliven the look with a touch of colour. Neutral coloured suits are also easier to take to after work drinks and can be dissembled and rearranged for Spring weddings and smart-casual weekend wear.

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