Essentials for summer: A style guide

Essentials for summer: A style guide

The time of year when it’s sweltering hot before 9am, backyard pools pop up like bindies in the lawn and the sun stays out long enough for you to enjoy a beer or two after work. It’s summer. It signals the end of the year, Christmas and a general feeling of relaxation, so we’ve put together a style guide to see you through this time of year.



The staple for every summer wardrobe, the humble T-shirt will see you through weekends spent in front of Netflix, at the beach, café and out on the town. The golden rule of buying a T-shirt is to look for a pure cotton style. Cotton is breathable, lightweight and easy to wear on 40 degree days.

We’re fans of a slimmer fit style (nothing too clingy) with either a basic crew neck or small v-neck (emphasis on the ‘small v-neck,’ no-one wants to see your man cleavage).

White is a must-have colour for your wardrobe, it’s fresh, easy to layer and will go with just about everything. Avoid grey, this is a one stop train to sweat patches. Mix it up with a patterned T-shirt perfect for weekend outings. We love a mini-geo print or an arty illustrative design. As tempting as it is to pick up that novelty beer T-shirt, we implore- nay, beg you- to put it down.

How to wear it

Your cotton crew neck tee is like Indiana Jones, universally loved and timeless. For a simple morning coffee, chuck on your white tee with chino shorts, boat shoes and you’ll look effortlessly fresh.

Patterned T-shirts are a feature item unto themselves, so they will look great with jeans, plain chino shorts and low-line canvas lace-ups. A lightweight bomber jacket will add a cool but casual edge.

Patterned trunks


Say goodbye to boardshorts this summer and hello to patterned trunks. A hybrid of chinos and swim shorts, patterned trunks should be slightly longer in length with a tapered cut. Look for a pair with slanted side pockets, a buttoned welt pocket to the back and concealed fly closure.

How to wear them

Your staple for going to from the beach to café or pub, patterned trunks look effortless with a plain T-shirt and low-cut canvas lace-ups for a casual weekend look. They can easily be dressed up with a slimmer cotton or linen shirt, worn with the sleeves rolled to the elbow and the top button undone, a beaded wooden bracelet and boat shoes. This style is the perfect blend of preppy and modern.

Navy blazer


Summer weddings, Christmas drinks and end of year parties all require you to look a little more polished. This is where the navy blazer comes in. Opt for a sleek single breasted cut with a two button closure. We suggest buying a light wool blazer that will breathe easily and can be adapted for wear throughout the year.

How to wear it

A summer workwear staple, your navy blazer can be paired with a patterned cotton shirt, tapered beige chinos, tan brogues and a bright pocket square to finish.

This look can be adapted for the evening by replacing the cotton shirt with a white cotton tee, cuffing the chinos and adding a quirky lapel pin.

For those who spend their weekends doing something a little fancier than wading through a backyard pool, a navy blazer will look preppy and sharp when worn with a white linen shirt, tapered navy chino shorts, boat shoes and light-coloured Panama hat. Ensure the blazer’s sleeves are worn rolled to the elbow for an effortlessly casual look.


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